Carmen Salinas Net Worth At The Time Of Her Death

Carmen Salinas’s net worth: Carmen Salinas Lozano is a Mexican actress, impressionist, politician, comedian, and theatre entrepreneur. Carmen Salinas’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.

 Name Carmen Salinas
Occupation Actor, politician, comedian, and theatre entrepreneur
Age 82 years
Date Of Birth October 5, 1939
Children Pedro Plascencia, María Eugenia Plascencia
Nationality Mexican
Net Worth $25 million

The actress has earned the affection of Mexicans for her charisma and talent

One of the actresses most loved by the Mexican people and respected by the media is undoubtedly Mrs. Carmelita Salinas, who with her attentions, charisma, and talent has won the sympathy of the public.

This morning it was announced that the producer was also hospitalized in an emergency in Mexico City, after suffering a stroke. According to a statement sent by her family to the media: “Carmen Salinas is going through a difficult health situation, which is why she remains in the intensive care area, where specialist doctors treat her.”

Originally from Torreón, Coahuila

Carmen Salinas Lozano was born in Torreón, Coahuila, on October 5, 1937, so she is 84 years old. He studied at the University of the Americas and at the Institute of Fine Arts and Literature.

In her youth, she participated in various beauty pageants, which led her to be close to the world of entertainment, however, it was until 1964 that she began her acting career, she was 31 years old.

Her first telenovela was ‘La vecdad’, by producer Ernesto Alonso; However, five years later he made the leap to the big screen, in the well-known ficheras cinema, with the film ‘La vida inutil de Pito Pérez’, directed by Roberto Gavaldón.

In theater, she was recognized for her participation in the play ‘Learning to be a Lady’.

She is known for her performances in projects such as ‘El Fuego de la Venganza’, ‘Noches de cabaret’, and ‘Bellas de noche’. He also participated in the film ‘Man on Fire’, alongside Denzel

Washington. In 1997 she made her debut as a theatrical producer with the play ‘Aventurera’, which remained on the bill for more than 15 years. Among her most recent projects are ‘‘Mi marido tiene familia’, ‘Nosotros los guapos’, ‘Sueño de Amor, and the telenovela ‘Mi fortuna es amarte’.

In 2015, she ventured into federal politics with the Institutional Revolutionary Party, an organization that placed her on its list for deputies and joined the lower house in the LXIII Legislature.

In recent years, she has won the affection of young and old by opening her YouTube channel and her Tik Tok account.

The tragedies in her private life

Although she assures that she had many loves, she herself admits that “she only married once and forever”, in addition to the fact that her life has been marked by tragedy, since she suffered the loss of several children after suffering several abortions, premature births, and the death of her eldest son from a terminal illness.

After marrying the musician Pedro Plascencia Ramírez at the age of 16, the actress faced problems conceiving because she was very young and suffered five miscarriages when she was carrying pregnancies of more than three months. “I cried a lot,” she said during an interview in Las Estrellas.

However, the greatest tragedy was yet to come to her life, when one of her children died in her arms, because after being born, at home, she did not know that she should remove the phlegm: “My seven-month-old baby died. , here I had it in my hands ”, she says.


Finally, the actress had two children, Pedro Plascencia and María Eugenia Plascencia. But in 1993 she was informed that the oldest, Pedro, had terminal lung cancer.

At the age of 34, in 1994, he passed away, burying his career as a comedian with him: “When he died, I buried them. I would start to do an imitation and a lump would get in my throat ”.

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