Belinda Breaks The Silence About Pregnancy Rumors

The singer spoke, once and for all, about the pregnancy rumors that have haunted her for weeks For a few weeks, rumors about a possible pregnancy of Belinda have spread like wildfire, which intensified a few hours ago, after images of the birthday celebration of Nodal’s sister came out in which the singer supposedly covers her abdomen and refuses to drink alcoholic beverages.

And it is that, surely the illusion that awoke in the fans the desire to see the love of this couple perpetuated in a child that even the weeks of the supposed pregnancy came to light.

In the midst of the uproar that is brought on social networks with the possibility that the family grows after the promise of a marriage commitment that was sworn in Spain just a few weeks ago, Belinda manifested herself through her official Instagram account with a strong message.

“I’m not pregnant,” the 28-year-old pop star clarified in her Instagram stories.

Belinda is pregnant
The singer removed the photo from her Instagram stories.

The singer’s response goes straight to the hearts of the fans of ‘Nodeli’ who are sure even starting to run the bets on whether the baby with whom Belinda would debut as a mother would be a boy or a girl.

However, they say, hope is the last thing that dies, because Belinda’s message did not last five minutes on her social networks, has she been wrong? we are not sure, what is that the image is already circulating on the Internet through different accounts dedicated to the shows where the reactions were present.

“You should not deny your baby, anyway, if she is, sooner or later she will find out”, “Then he got into Mexican food hard”, “She has already deleted the message, why does she deny it if it is a great blessing”, ” It means that if this is the case, why did she delete the post “, it is read on the Internet.

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