Herlene Budol and Rob Gomez Alleged Affair; Is Herlene Budol Pregnant?

Herlene Budol and Rob Gomez Alleged Affair

Actor Rob Gomez and Herlene Budol are the recent trending searches that have appeared on social media. The two Kapuso actors have been in controversy since the screenshot of Rob Gomez having an alleged affair with Filipino model and actress Herlene Budol was posted on his Instagram. The screenshots of Rob Gomez on Instagram and … Read more

Belinda Breaks The Silence About Pregnancy Rumors

Belinda is pregnant

The singer spoke, once and for all, about the pregnancy rumors that have haunted her for weeks For a few weeks, rumors about a possible pregnancy of Belinda have spread like wildfire, which intensified a few hours ago, after images of the birthday celebration of Nodal’s sister came out in which the singer supposedly covers … Read more

Natti Natasha Announces Her Pregnancy [VIDEO]

Natti Natasha

Natti Natasha announced that she is in sweet expectation of her first child, the result of her sentimental relationship with the Puerto Rican producer and businessman Raphy Pina. The Dominican singer confirmed her pregnancy during the musical presentation she offered with Prince Royce at Premio Lo Nuestro 2021. During her presentation at the Univision awards ceremony, the … Read more

Francisca Lachapel Was Infected With Coronavirus While Pregnant [VIDEO]

Francisca Lachapel

In a revealing conversation with Dr. Juan Rivera in the health segment of “Despierta America”, Francisca Lachapel confessed that she felt very afraid after learning that she had Coronavirus in the first days of her pregnancy at the beginning of November 2020. “I found out a day after I had COVID, that I was pregnant. It was … Read more

Francisca Lachapel Announces Her Pregnancy [VIDEO]

Francisca Lachapel

Francisca Lachapel announced her pregnancy in the broadcast of this Monday, January 25, of the morning show “Despierta America” on Univision. When releasing the news, Lachapel admitted that she always felt the desire to become a mother. The baby that the Dominican television presenter is expecting is the result of her marriage to businessman Francesco … Read more

Emma Stone Is Pregnant: Who Is The Father Of Her Baby?

Emma Stone pregnant

Emma Stone is in sweet expectation of her first baby, the result of her marriage to American screenwriter and producer Dave McCary, as reported exclusively by People magazine. On December 30, 2020, Stone showed off her advanced state of pregnancy when she was portrayed by the paparazzi while walking in the company of a friend through … Read more

Chrissy Teigen’s Painful Confession: ‘I Love Being Pregnant And I’m Sad That I’ll Never Be Pregnant Again’

Chrissy Teigen

Three months ago, singer John Legend’s wife lost the baby she was expecting At the end of September, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend  took one of the hardest blows of their lives. They were very excited about the arrival of their third child, however, the couple saw their dream fade after the model suffered complications in her pregnancy . The doctors found a … Read more

Christina Milian Is Pregnant Again Expecting a third child.

Christina Milian Is Pregnant

The singer broke the news on social media. Actress Christina Milian used social media to announce she is expecting her third child. Actress Christina Milian is again pregnant. It was the American actress herself who made the announcement, on Instagram, sharing the first photograph of the already prominent pregnant belly. The 39-year-old actress and singer … Read more