Belinda Breaks Her Silence After Breaking Up With Christian Nodal And Leaves A Sad Message: It Hurts A Lot

Christian Nodal and Belinda breakup

The singer did not hesitate to express her feelings and be vulnerable on social networks. Belinda broke her silence after her notorious breakup with Christian Nodal and opened her heart to her thousands of followers on Instagram. The singer did not hesitate to be vulnerable and she expressed all her sadness for the moment she is … Read more

Here’s Why Christian Nodal And Belinda Really Broke Up

Christian Nodal and Belinda breakup

We tell you what is known about the new rumors of an alleged separation between Belinda and Christian Nodal, a few days before Valentine’s Day. The singer Christian Nodal has confirmed that his relationship with Belinda ended. In a statement issued through Instagram, the artist said that the wedding plans he had with the actress … Read more

Reason Why Christian Nodal And Belinda Would Have Separated?

Belinda And Christian Nodal Ended Their Relationship

Belinda and Christian Nodal’s relationship has given much to talk about. In the beginning, their age difference was discussed, then the luxurious gifts and details that both have given each other were mentioned, such as the birthday party with which the singer surprised the Mexican interpreter last month. Many rumors have also circulated about their … Read more

Christian Nodal Deletes All His Photos With Belinda. What Happened?

Christian Nodal Deletes All His Photos

The famous couple unfollowed each other on Instagram! Why did Christian Nodal erase all traces of Instagram and even Belinda? This is what we know. To the surprise of everyone, after they revealed their next wedding and were very happy together, Christian Nodal deleted all the photos he had of Belinda on his Instagram account, … Read more

Belinda and Christian Nodal Introduced The New Member Of Their Family

Belinda and Christian Nodal engaged

The famous couple adopted a cute pet This morning, famous singer Belinda and her fiancé, Mexican regional superstar Christian Nodal introduced a new member of the family. It is about “Blu”, a puppy that joined a couple of singers and that they both very excited. Through her Instagram account, Belinda shared a series of videos of … Read more

Nodal’s Reaction To Lupillo Covering Up Belinda’s Tattoo

Nodal's Reaction To Lupillo

Christian Nodal reacts to the news that Lupillo Rivera covered the tattoo of Belinda that he had on his arm After the engagement of Belinda and Christian Nodal was made public, two of her exes, Lupillo Rivera and the illusionist Criss Angel, decided to erase the respective tattoos that had been made in honor of the singer. A week ago the journalist Martha … Read more

Belinda Breaks The Silence About Pregnancy Rumors

Belinda is pregnant

The singer spoke, once and for all, about the pregnancy rumors that have haunted her for weeks For a few weeks, rumors about a possible pregnancy of Belinda have spread like wildfire, which intensified a few hours ago, after images of the birthday celebration of Nodal’s sister came out in which the singer supposedly covers … Read more

This Is How Lupillo Rivera Reacted To The Criticism Of Belinda’s Tattoo

Lupillo Rivera Reacted Belinda Tattoo

The singer sent a strong message to those who made fun of his new tattoo In recent days, the singer Lupillo Rivera has been in the eye of the hurricane, after he covered the tattoo with Belinda’s face that was made in 2019 and his brother, Juan Rivera, uncovered the dispute between the two. Given … Read more

Lupillo Rivera And Giselle Soto: Between The Rumors Of Wedding, Pregnancy And The Disappearance Of Belinda’s Tattoo

Lupillo Rivera And Giselle Soto Rumors

A photograph could prove that the young woman is expecting a baby After they made their relationship public in mid-December of last year, Lupillo Rivera and his girlfriend, Giselle Soto, could be engaged and expecting a baby. As seen in a series of photographs that the girlfriend published on social networks and that raised more than one … Read more

What Can You Buy With What Christian Nodal Spent On Belinda’s Ring?

Belinda and Christian Nodal engaged

The couple surprised by committing to marry a ring of almost 60 million Mexican pesos, a remarkable amount that is equivalent to the cost of residences and luxury vehicles The great commotion has generated the “proposal for a hand” that was announced this Tuesday, May 25, when Christian Nodal posted a couple of photographs on his … Read more