Technoblade Cause Of Death: What Happened To Him? We Explain

Minecraft streamer and content producer Technoblade has announced the reason for his absence lately: he was diagnosed with cancer.

Who was Technoblade? Let me contextualize a moment with the first words of his latest video: “Hello, my real name is Alex, I’m 23 years old and if you’re hearing these words, I’m dead .”

The doctors ordered several tests and found that the pain in his arm was caused by a tumor. He has already started chemotherapy and says he is fine, although with little energy.

“The first few days were pretty quiet,” Technoblade said. “I thought it was even easy, but then the treatment came and my energy dropped to zero. The absolute nothing. It is difficult to explain the tiredness I felt », he added.

He also used his platform to ask his fans and viewers to continue wearing masks and get vaccinated against COVID-19 when they can. With cancer treatment, immunity is compromised and the streamer explains that he and all people like him, who face or live with some kind of disease, are at higher risk. But he also urges people to investigate on his own and not blindly follow the advice of a Minecraft YouTuber.

The Minecraft community has been supportive and has sent positive messages to one of its biggest content producers. On Twitter, #technosupport was one of the most talked-about topics.

We write often, and with great difficulty due to the nature of this news, of content creators who lose their lives long before their time . But in this sadly abundant bleeding of young talent, it is very rarely that the deceased have the opportunity to say goodbye , and even more so to do so in a big way.

This is what this Minecraft specialist has done, who announced last year to his almost ten million followers then (he exceeded that figure on New Year’s Eve) that he had cancer. It is a hard revelation for anyone and surely it was for him too, but his desire to live made him shine brilliantly.

In a video he assured that the aggressiveness of his disease was about to cost him an arm, since the metastasis – his doctors advised – could spread and the best thing for some of them was to amputate it. Fortunately, the situation was reversed and he took advantage of the dilemma to make a charity collection for cancer research. She obtained 128,000 dollars for the cause, at the current exchange rate almost the same in euros.

Despite his strength, Alex couldn’t take it anymore and last night his family announced the worst news. But not with a simple statement on Facebook, as is usual in these cases and more so in North American culture, but with a piece of video that if you don’t shed a tear, you’re made of ice.

“I am the father of Technoblade, and before he died he asked me to read you something,” he says on a white background holding his puppy, whom the creator often talked about on stream. “If they gave me a choice of 100 lives, I would choose in all of them to have been who I was,” says the YouTuber in that statement. “I couldn’t have been happier.”

Alex’s father explains that he was so proud of him that he was the one who encouraged him to write, in his last days, the farewell that is sweeping YouTube today, with nearly 10 million views in 6 hours. “We all said goodbye to him,” adds the mother, “and it still amazes me that he never complained and how he planned, with his strategic mind, how to defeat an almost impossible disease.”

In the text that his father reads, Technoblade continues with the thanks to his audience and says he is leaving very calmly because he has also helped his brothers “go to university if they want”, a huge economic effort in the US. ” I hope you all have long and prosperous lives because I truly love you. Technoblade out .” The video, by the way, is titled “See you later, geeks”.

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