Fernando del Solar Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The former host of ‘Venga la Alegría’ and ex-husband of Ingrid Coronado suffered from cancer, since 2012, he is survived by his current wife, Anna Ferro, and the children of his first marriage, Luciano and Paolo.

Through his Twitter account, the program Venga la alegría reported the death of the driver Fernando del Solar, at the age of 49, at the moment the reason is unknown, but in 2012 the Argentine was diagnosed with lung cancer, and book the battle like a warrior.

Through social networks, the morning newspaper confirmed: “It breaks our hearts to report the unfortunate death of our beloved Fernando del Solar !” The hosts of the broadcast, of which he was also a part, added: “In #VLA we send our condolences to all his family and friends!”

“A very close source has told us that Fernando del Solar died … You who are his family have to know. We have little information, but we wanted to share it,” Sergio Sepúlveda assured in the live broadcast of Venga la Alegría, with a great to weigh.

He recently canceled some events and it was explained that it was for health reasons that he felt the need to do so. In April 2022 Del Solar reappeared on Venga la Alegría to announce that he had married his girlfriend who was with him in the most complicated moments, Anna Ferro .

At that time, Fernando revealed that he was married in Cancun and that he was only taking medication, but as a preventive measure and to continue his treatment. At that moment he commented that he was ready to resume his career that had been paused in order to give his full focus to his health care.

Much loved by the public

Fernando del Solar is one of the most beloved hosts on national television, since he was part of the show Guerra de Sexos, along with his wife, Ingrid Coronado. During that time cancer even caused him to have been in a coma.

“I still can’t believe it, I’m still waiting for someone to deny it. A month ago he was at my house, we were in the pool… I met him before we arrived in Mexico… I can’t speak”, added Patricio Borguetti of this sad news that put the national showbiz in check.

Fernando Martín Cacciamani Servidio, his real name, moved to Mexico at a very young age, and obtained nationality. He began his television career in 1998, first as an actor in the melodramas Perla, Háblame de Amor, and Un nuevo amor. His fame was growing, but he was fully promoted in his step as a driver.

The first space he had was Insomnia, this in the early 2000s. He would become the familiar face of different spaces. One of his last interventions was in Todo un show, which was broadcast in 2021. Fernando is survived by the children he had with Coronado, Luciano, and Paolo. Rest in peace!

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