What Type Of Cancer Did Technoblade Have? Funeral, We Explain

What Type Of Cancer Did Technoblade Have

Technoblade, a famous and prominent Youtuber has passed away. Netizens are shocked at his death news and are sharing their grief on the Internet. He shared a video online. However, Technoblade revealed in the video that his real name is Alexander after keeping it a secret from his fans. “Hello everyone, Technoblade here,” the message … Read more

Technoblade Cause Of Death: What Happened To Him? We Explain

Technoblade Cause Of Death

Minecraft streamer and content producer Technoblade has announced the reason for his absence lately: he was diagnosed with cancer. Who was Technoblade? Let me contextualize a moment with the first words of his latest video: “Hello, my real name is Alex, I’m 23 years old and if you’re hearing these words, I’m dead .” The doctors ordered several tests and … Read more