What Type Of Cancer Did Technoblade Have? Funeral, We Explain

Technoblade, a famous and prominent Youtuber has passed away. Netizens are shocked at his death news and are sharing their grief on the Internet. He shared a video online. However, Technoblade revealed in the video that his real name is Alexander after keeping it a secret from his fans. “Hello everyone, Technoblade here,” the message began. I’m gone if you’re reading this.

I appreciate you sticking by my writing over the years. Since those were the finest years of my life, I think that if I had an extra 100 lives, I would always choose to be remembered as Technoblade. Technoblade cause of death was cancer. He made his diagnosis public in the year 2021. Moreover, he died of cancer.

According to his father, Technoblade wrote his final letter to his fans about eight hours before he died. Although he didn’t get to everything he wanted to. But, he did what he wanted to do. His family, friends, and fans are in an utter shock. Moreover, he also disclosed that the tumor was swelling in his right arm. He was getting a proper treatment. He thought it might be difficult at the start. But he made it and tried to run through this difficult pace.

While sharing with his fans, Technoblade said that he has been diagnosed with cancer on August 27. The YouTuber who has more than 8.54 million subscriber. However, he broadcasts Minecraft. He was taking an extended break from making videos when he got to know about this news.

Technoblade revealed that his right arm was terribly painful at the end of July. The 22-year-old downplayed the discomfort, thinking that since he had been playing video games online for too long, he only required a few days of stress relief.

The details regarding his funeral are not revealed yet. We are trying to find the right information. Hopefully, we will update our readers as soon as we get to know.

We share our deepest condolences with Technolade’s family, friends, and fans!

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