Venezuelan Musical Artist Henry Stephen Dies At 79

After being hospitalized for several days due to covid-19, singer Henry Stephen died at the age of 79, who popularized the song Limón, Limonero in the 60s.

The Minister of Culture, Ernesto Villegas confirmed his death, as he paid tribute with heartfelt words for the artist’s departure.

“It is sad to confirm the departure of a great man: Henry Stephen, a Venezuelan musician, and actor, who won the affection and admiration of several generations inside and outside our country. A 79-year-old revolutionary with energy and projects that truncated #COVID ー 19 . Honor and Glory! ”, Reads Villegas’s post.

Last year, Stephen had suffered a stroke and was held at the Carlos Arvelo hospital in Caracas.

Henry Augustus Stephen Pierre was born in Cabimas, Zulia state on July 15, 1941, he was a Venezuelan singer-songwriter and soap opera actor, considered one of the first Pioneers of rock and roll in Venezuela.

He began his musical career in the mid-50s, forming part of  “Los Técnicos”, and later of the bagpipe group  “Los Blanco y Negro”.

Between 1959 and 1962, he participated as a singer in the group  Los Flipper, de Maracaibo, a pioneering musical group in the introduction of rock in Venezuela, which soon disappeared without leaving any recordings

From 1963 to 1966, he belonged as a vocalist to the music group  “Los Impala”, also from Maracaibo, and re-founded with members of a musical group of the same name, and  “Los Flipper”. He also recorded the song “I Remember” in English, along with  “Los Blonders”.

In 1965 he debuted as a soloist in  “El Show de Renny”, with the song ” Please Release me “, without leaving  The Impala. Later he continued his career as a solo artist supported by the renowned Venezuelan animator Renny Ottolina, being replaced by Rudy Márquez who came from  “Los Dangers”. In 1968 he achieved public and sales success with the song  “Limón, Limonero”, which became a popular summer song in Spain. In 1974 RCA Records awarded him a Gold Record for the sale of one million copies of the song.

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