Henry Stephen Died: Everything You Need To Know

On the afternoon of this Monday, April 5, the Venezuelan Henry Stephen died, who popularized the song “Limón, lemon tree”, after being hospitalized for several days due to covid-19.

“I am very sorry to learn that Henry Stephen passed away. Your friend María Teresa Chacín tells me. He was hospitalized for several days with COVID-18. Rest in peace, “reported journalist Mari Montes through her Twitter account.

Henry Stephen, a native of Cabimas, was 79 years old and in addition to popularizing “ Limón limonero ”, he was recognized as one of the pioneers of rock and roll in Venezuela.

Musical career

Stephen began his musical career in the mid-50s, being part of “Los Técnicos”, and later of the bagpipe group “Los Blanco y Negro”.

In 1965 he made his solo debut on “El Show de Renny”, with the song “Please Release me”. Later he continued his career as a solo artist supported by the renowned Venezuelan animator Renny Ottolina.

In 1968 he achieved public and sales success with the song “Limón, Limonero”, which became a popular summer song in Spain. In 1974 RCA Records awarded him a Gold Record for the sale of one million copies of the song.

In the mid-90s, Henry Stephen returned to participate as a singer in a new temporary re-founding of the group Los Impala, along with Édgar Quintero, Francisco Belisario, Nerio Quintero, and Omar Paduay. In 2004 he also participated in the last formation of this Venezuelan musical band.

In 1999, Stephen recorded Nat King Cole’s successes with Spiteri Records. In 2001, the CD produced by Velvet de Venezuela, Éxitos de Henry Stephen, goes on sale.

From there he continued with performances as a singer of the Los Impala Group and as a soloist he sang famous boleros and made presentations where he performed his hits.

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