Chiquis Reveals That Someone “Very Close” To Rosie Stole $ 80,000 From Jenni Rivera’s Company

Rosie Rivera Stole $ 80,000

Jenni Rivera’s daughter spoke out and assured that they were stealing from the companies that her mother left when she died. Chiquis Rivera used her networks to, through a live link, denounce the mismanagement that occurred in the companies that belonged to her mother Jenni Rivera, which were under the responsibility of her aunt Rosie … Read more

Rosie Rivera Is Looking For Work As A Soap Opera Actress

Rosie Rivera Is Looking For Work As A Soap Opera Actress.

The younger sister of “La Diva de la Banda” is knocking on doors in the artistic world and shared it with her followers. Rosie Rivera, who a couple of months ago resigned from her job as CEO of Jenni Rivera Enterprises ( JRE ) and as executor of her late sister Jenni Rivera, is looking for work as a soap opera actress now far from … Read more

Jenni Rivera’s Youngest Son Says He Has Not Received An Inheritance From His Mother

Jenni Rivera son Inheritance

The youngest son of “La Diva de la banda”, assures that they have not received anything in 8 and a half years.  Since the tragic death of Jenni Rivera on December 9, 2012, when the plane in which she was traveling collapsed,  her five children have been left in the care of not only Janney ‘Chiquis’ Rivera, … Read more

Chiquis Rivera Requests An Audit Of Her Mother’s Business Earnings, And Rosie Responds

Chiquis Rivera Audit

The Rivera family is once again in the eye of the hurricane. A magazine published this week that Chiquis Rivera has asked that her family be investigated about the earnings generated by her deceased mother after her death.  According to TVyNovelas, the eldest daughter of the Diva de la Banda would have requested that an internal audit be made to Jenni Rivera Enterprises as well as … Read more

Rosie Rivera Broke The Silence On The Alleged Internal Investigation Of Chiquis For Inheritance

Rosie Rivera

The sister of the “Diva de la banda” said confirmed the audit and said she wants to leave the company in the best possible state Rosie Rivera, sister, and executor of Jenni Rivera confirmed that an audit is being carried out to Jenni Rivera Enterprises (JRE), which allegedly would have been requested by her niece Chiquis Rivera after her … Read more

Rosie Rivera Announced Her Resignation As CEO Of Jenni Rivera’s Brand

Rosie Rivera Announced Her Resignation

The singer left all her assets in the hands of her younger sister, who has managed her inheritance for 8 years Rosie is the younger sister of Jenni Rivera and currently serves as executor of the singer’s estate and CEO of the brand, announced that she is tired of continuing to be the main protector of her sister’s assets and announced her retirement . Through her YouTube channel , Rosie Rivera said that she … Read more

Rosie Rivera Net Worth (2022), Age, Height, Facts, And More

Rosie Rivera Net Worth

Rosie Rivera Net Worth in 2022 Rosie is the youngest of the family of singers known as  La Dinastia Rivera. As some of her brothers rose to fame, Rosi fled the cameras. However, being the little sister of megastar Jenni Rivera, her efforts to stay out of the public eye were in vain. Rivera eventually appeared … Read more