Chiquis Reveals That Someone “Very Close” To Rosie Stole $ 80,000 From Jenni Rivera’s Company

Rosie Rivera Stole $ 80,000

Jenni Rivera’s daughter spoke out and assured that they were stealing from the companies that her mother left when she died. Chiquis Rivera used her networks to, through a live link, denounce the mismanagement that occurred in the companies that belonged to her mother Jenni Rivera, which were under the responsibility of her aunt Rosie … Read more

Carmen Salinas Distributes Her Inheritance While She Is Alive

Carmen Salinas Inheritance

Although he has not died, despite several rumors that occurred last night, today a video has been uncovered in which Carmen Salinas, producer and actress of ‘Aventurera’, reveals that her will is already made and her inheritance distributed. She did this with the objective that there is no conflict between her relatives at the time … Read more

Jacqie Rivera Broke The Silence After Being Declared Executor Of Jenni’s Inheritance

Jacqie Rivera

The daughter of “La Diva de la Banda” considered staying on the sidelines so as not to hurt family members After being announced as the new executor of the inheritance of Jenni Rivera, her daughter, Jacqie revealed how the process of being the new face of the administration of the assets of “La Diva de la … Read more

Jenni Rivera’s Youngest Son Says He Has Not Received An Inheritance From His Mother

Jenni Rivera son Inheritance

The youngest son of “La Diva de la banda”, assures that they have not received anything in 8 and a half years.  Since the tragic death of Jenni Rivera on December 9, 2012, when the plane in which she was traveling collapsed,  her five children have been left in the care of not only Janney ‘Chiquis’ Rivera, … Read more