Former K-pop Star Reported Harassment While In APRIL

Lee Hyun Joo Harassment

Lee Hyun-Joo revealed that he suffered constant assaults and personal attacks while belonging to the group Five years after leaving APRIL, the former member of the K-pop group Lee Hyun-Joo raised her voice to denounce that she was harassed by her peers and that now the agency she worked with has taken legal action against her. The Korean singer used … Read more

Kakao M Removes His Entire Catalog From Spotify, Which K-Pop Artists Disappeared?

Kakao M

This morning we woke up with bad news for K-Pop lovers who consume their favorite songs through the famous streaming platform Spotify, as the music of Kakao M artists has disappeared from the catalog and will not be able to be heard.  Kakao M removes his entire catalog from Spotify and these are the K-Pop artists you won’t be able to listen … Read more