Former K-pop Star Reported Harassment While In APRIL

Lee Hyun-Joo revealed that he suffered constant assaults and personal attacks while belonging to the group

Five years after leaving APRIL, the former member of the K-pop group Lee Hyun-Joo raised her voice to denounce that she was harassed by her peers and that now the agency she worked with has taken legal action against her.

The Korean singer used her Instagram account to share a totally black photograph and relate how during her time at APRIL she was physically and verbally assaulted by other members.

“I was very hesitant because I was afraid that they would hurt me,” she wrote in the statement. However, she decided to reveal what happened as a result of a complaint by DSP Media against her younger brother, as well as constant messages of harassment by the relatives of the other members against their parents.

” The harassment started in 2014, when we were preparing for our debut, and lasted until 2016 when we left the team, ” she wrote. Lee Hyun-Joo was 17 when she started on the show and has claimed to have been assaulted ever since. “I couldn’t hold out,” she said. “I confessed my agony to my parents, and my parents tried to talk to the CEO, but rather, the situation was repeated

The complaint, she revealed, only served to intensify the harassment. The situation worsened from that moment on and she was only allowed to speak with her family for a limited time and always with the manager in front of her.

“During those three years, I had to constantly suffer aggression, abuse, harassment, abusive language, and personal attacks, and especially the personal attacks and unfounded insults against my dear grandmother, my mother, my father, and my younger brother were painful to bear”, Lee confessed and added that the information that has been released to the outside is only a small part of everything that really happened.

Despite attempts to prevent the attacks, the young woman never managed to get the company to support her. “I look to the side and did not take any action,” she denounced.

The situation led Lee to make extreme decisions, including unilaterally leaving the group. However, she assured me that the company she worked for prepared for it and it was then that she had to endure an enormous amount of negative comments and accusations of treason.

The first to publicize the situation was Lee’s brother, who revealed that the young woman suffered from panic attacks and dyspnea due to the assaults. She even wrote in an online community that it was a suicide attempt that led her to leave the band.

Although the young woman tried to rebuild her life, “the dark memories of those days remained in a corner of my heart and seemed to turn into trauma to swallow me up.”

She assured that even seven years later she continues to fight against that time and that the company has not wanted to cancel the exclusivity contract. “New things that have come to me are unilaterally destroyed without consulting me,” she wrote.

When the statements went viral, the agency accepted that there had been conflicts between the former APRIL member and her colleagues, but pointed out that “it was difficult to know who the victim was.”

In addition, DSP Media issued a statement in which it revealed that it would take legal action against the former member and noted that “the issues revealed in the publication are a one-sided story that is far from the truth.” According to them, it is the former groupmates and the agency who have suffered “unbearable suffering and losses due to Lee’s complaint,” so the “false” accusations would be clarified in the legal process.

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