Kakao M Removes His Entire Catalog From Spotify, Which K-Pop Artists Disappeared?

This morning we woke up with bad news for K-Pop lovers who consume their favorite songs through the famous streaming platform Spotify, as the music of Kakao M artists has disappeared from the catalog and will not be able to be heard. 

Kakao M removes his entire catalog from Spotify and these are the K-Pop artists you won’t be able to listen to

For a few hours, various users in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany have reported that the music of the groups managed by the South Korean record label Kakao M, which has its own streaming service (OMS) called MelOn, has disappeared from Spotify

This means that at the moment we will not be able to listen to the repertoire of Seventeen, MONSTA X, LOONA, Epik High, Pink Fantasy, IU, Apink, MAMAMOO, GFriend, The Boyz, SF9, Pentagon, CLC, Astro, Weki Meki, Golden Child, Cravity, VICTON and many more.

The rapper Tablo of the South Korean group Epik High, through his Twitter account, has stated about what is happening: “Apparently, a disagreement between our distributor Kakao M and Spotify has made our new album Epik High Is Here is not available globally against our will. Regardless of whose fault it is, why are artists and fans always the ones who suffer when companies put greed before art? “

This situation has generated great discontent among all K-Pop followers worldwide due to the large number of Kakao M artists who have been deprived of distributing their songs through Spotify .

This happens after, a few weeks ago, Spotify launched its streaming service in South Korea without the catalog of the South Korean record company, which, as we mentioned at the beginning, has dispensed with disseminating its materials in this way to prioritize its own musical platform. Although, the directors of said label, also declared that they are in talks with the Swedish-American company to reach an agreement. 

So far, these measures have not been applied in the catalog offered by the streaming service in Mexico and Latin America, but they could be applied very soon if the differences between the two companies are not resolved. 


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