7-year-old Girl Dies Crushed In Front Of Her Own Father

7-year-old Girl Dies

A chilling video shows the last moments of a 7-year-old girl before being crushed by a tire and dying in front of her father Queensland, Australia.- A chilling video shows the last moments that a 7-year-old girl went through before being crushed by a tire weighing more than 90 kilograms at her father’s work. The minor died . In the recording, Lily Dorrough can be seen happily … Read more

11-year-old Girl Dies After A Truck Collides With A Police Car In The Middle Of A Chase In NY

11year old girl dies

Monica Goods, a passenger in the van, died at the scene. NEW YORK – An 11-year-old girl from Brooklyn was killed when the driver of a pickup truck she was in fled a New York State Police traffic stop and ended up, following a chase, in a crash against the police vehicle, authorities said Thursday. The … Read more