A chilling video shows the last moments of a 7-year-old girl before being crushed by a tire and dying in front of her father

Queensland, Australia.- A chilling video shows the last moments that a 7-year-old girl went through before being crushed by a tire weighing more than 90 kilograms at her father’s work. The minor died .

In the recording, Lily Dorrough can be seen happily running around the place with her sister and a friend, climbing some pieces that were in her father’s workshop.

Her father, Michael Dorrough , ran after hearing the agonizing screams of his daughter’s friends after a tire that was resting on the sidewalk fell on him. 

Michael Dorrough was later seen carrying a seriously injured Lily to his car. He took her to the hospital, where She died hours later. 

Lily loved to climb. It’s hard to believe, you think it was a bad dream. “

The tragedy happened after he picked up his daughter from school and took her back to her business in August 2019. Two other children were also left there along with the youngest and the video footage from the recording cameras shows Lily and one of them playing.

After the little girl was seen climbing the shelves before putting her things away to go home, Dorrough can be seen running out of the business, almost falling on the road, to try to find her daughter.

The man picked up his daughter and took her to the hospital, however, the girl’s head and chest received the full impact of the tire, so doctors could no longer save her.

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