Raúl’s Father, From ‘LIDLT’, Dies Of COVID-19

The former contestant of the Telecinco reality show has told the sad news in a new space on Mtmad. His ex-partner Claudia has been his great support during the last few days.

Raúl Ginés Sánchez, former contestant of the third edition of ‘The island of temptations’ has recently lost his father as he has confessed in a new Mtmad space called ‘ Talk Away’. The reason for his death has been a complication of coronavirus disease, as he has confirmed on that platform.

“It is a complicated moment because a little while ago my father, unfortunately, caught COVID and two weeks ago he died and the truth is that it is the worst moment of my life, but hey we have to move forward. He would love to see me happy, he would love to see me as I always am and can only be thrown forward, “he said in Mtmad as he collapsed in tears.

Claudia, your greatest support

The canary has also talked about his relationship with Claudia, with whom he has shared a camera. Although they left the Dominican Republic together, their relationship broke down when they had only been in Spain for a few days. Despite this, they have wanted to explain to their followers where they are and why at the moment they do not want to have a serious relationship again.

Mtmad prepared several questions for them to be honest with each other and, among other issues, Raúl has emotionally told that Claudia has been one of his greatest supports after the death of his father: “I have felt you completely by my side during the loss of my father and that now you are traveling a lot. But for me, you are the most important person and I feel that you are part of me, not only as a friend but as something else “, Raúl has confessed.

“Thank you very much for being there, that when I am sad you give me another point of view and you always make me smile. I love you and need you in equal parts”, added Raúl who has melted into a tender hug with his, of the moment, ex-partner.

Your current situation

As for their relationship, they are still comfortable as they are. They continue to stay and they practically make a life as a couple although they have not named it. At the moment they do not want to return because they argue a lot and that puts the Canary Islands back. Even so, the protagonists have confirmed that even if one day what they feel for each other ends and they are with other people, they will never stop seeing each other because both of them want to always have each other in their lives.

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