Rapper Criolo’s Sister Dies At 39

The teacher and circus artist Cleane Gomes, brother of rapper Criolo, died as a result of covid-19 last Saturday (5), at 39 years old. She taught at CapsArts (Center for Art and Social Promotion of Grajaú), according to Sindsep (Union of Workers in Public Administration and Municipalities in the City of São Paulo).

The artist and singer’s mother, poet Maria Vilani, lamented the death of her daughter and said that she always dreamed of being the mother of a girl — as well as Kleber (the Criolo) and Clayton.

Father in Heaven presented me with two wonderful boys, and after seven years you arrived, after a very difficult pregnancy, as it seemed that you did not want to come to this world, but accepted the mission to make me happy. You arrived through normal delivery, as gentle as possible, the birth that hurt the least. You illuminated my life as a slum sufferer, and for you, your father moved the world to get us out of the favela, when you completed four months of life on this Planet we left the favela.

In a text posted on Instagram, Maria Vilani recalled that, with the arrival of her daughter, the whole family found themselves on the way to music with their two children in guitar class.

You were cradled with great affection by me, your father, and your brothers, you were our little princess, and for your paternal grandmother, you were a ray of sunshine. My daughter, you were a good mother, a good daughter, a good sister, a magnificent aunt, an excellent friend and teacher, a great circus and scenic artist, visual artist, composer, and poet of good fortune. Owner of a heart bigger than the body. I learned a lot from you.

Yesterday, education professionals protested in front of the City Council demanding the general vaccination of teachers and lamented the death of fellow victims of the disease – among them, Cleane Gomes.

Maria Vilani said she was not angry with her daughter’s death at 39 years of age.

I don’t feel revolt by the pandemic, nor by the government’s neglect of vaccines, because I feel in my heart and soul that you left when you left. If it weren’t for covid-19, it would be any other reason. You actually finished your mission on that plane on June 5, 2021. It would be selfish not to accept your release. What I regret at this moment is sending this text to the world, without its review, you reviewed everything before I posted it on social networks, the text is full of errors but full of love, acceptance, and resignation.

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