Remmy Valenzuela Was Accused Of Brutally Beating His Cousin And His Girlfriend

In social networks, the mother of the attacked announced already has a complaint against the regional musician

Remmy Valenzuela, a native of Sinaloa and regional music singer, has been accused of physical violence after it was posted on social networks that he allegedly gave a brutal beating to one of his cousins, Carlos Armando “N” and his girlfriend Katy Aracely “N”.

According to local media, the Sinaloa prosecutor’s office reported that a young woman arrived very seriously at one of the state hospitals. The authorities report details that Katy’s life was even in danger.

The Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office already has a complaint against Remmy and according to Carlos’s legal advisers, the singer could receive a minimum sentence of 30 years in prison. This is for the charges of attempted murder, deprivation of liberty, and acts of torture.

According to what was transpired by the local media, Línea Directa, the reports obtained with police sources indicate that after the physical aggression that the interpreter inflicted on her, the victim was left with multiple dermatological injuries such as bruises on the chest and arms and traces of gagging on hands and feet.

Regarding the data confirmed with local authorities, around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, staff from a clinic in the city reported the admission of a young woman, for whom no general data was released.

Remmy Valenzuela accused of beating his cousin and his girlfriend


The singer and his victims would not have had any ‘problem’ before the beating

As reported by the Sinaloa media, the aunt of Remmy Valenzuela, mother of the victim, Patricia Buelna commented that her son and the singer had not had any problems before, which is why the beating I gave them for no apparent reason is shocking, He also assured that after what happened, the interpreter began to walk around his Ranch so fearing the worst, they decided to leave it immediately to receive help … they have even suffered threats.

“My son did nothing, what he did was not human, neither with the girl, who does not have a candle at the funeral nor with his cousin, who is his own blood,” said the mother of the victim, the sister of the mother of Remmy Valenzuela, who so far has not given a statement on the matter.

Remmy Valenzuela attack his Cousin And His Girlfriend

Through various Instagram accounts of shows such as ‘Chamonic’ and ‘Chicapicosa’, the photographs of how Remmy Valenzuela’s cousin and his girlfriend were left were leaked, recommending discretion because of how strong and wild they are and that they give an account of how strong the aggression was.

Taken at the hospital and compiled as evidence for the complaint against the singer, in the first image you can see the totally beaten and swollen face of Remmy Valenzuela’s cousin with black eyes and scratches from the savage attack that the gang member allegedly gave him … but his girlfriend did worse …

The girlfriend of Remmy Valenzuela’s cousin suffered terrible burns

Remmy Valenzuela attack his Cousin And His Girlfriend

In the attack, the girlfriend of Remmy Valenzuela’s cousin allegedly showed traces of strangulation and severe burns because apparently the girl fell on some power lines in the middle of the beating, in addition to presenting bruises on her arms, chest, and gagging.

The young woman’s health is more delicate than that of her cousin, who is sheltered from the fear of the threats that they have allegedly received from the singer; she had to be admitted to a hospital in Sinaloa to continue to be observed and treated for the injuries caused by the beating.

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