Elisabeth Klopp, 81, mother of Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, died on Tuesday in Germany, a country to which the Covid-19 protocol will not allow her son to travel to attend the funeral.

Klopp has launched a public farewell message in the German newspaper Schwarzwaelder Bote, with some emotional words towards her.

“She meant everything to me, a true mother in the best sense of the word. As a devout Christian, I know that now she will be in a better place,” says the famed German coach, former of Mainz, Dortmund, and now Liverpool.

Klopp had last visited his mother on his 80th birthday and regrets not being able to travel to his country due to restrictions between Germany and England. ” The fact of not being able to be is due to the fact that we are in terrible times, but when circumstances allow it, I will give it the wonderful commemoration it deserves,” he said.

Elisabeth married Klopp’s father, Norbert, in 1960, and the couple had three children: Stefanie, Isolde, and the youngest and best known, Jurgen.

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