Juan Revilla, Director Of The Sadeco Environmental Complex, Dies Of Covid

Has died Juan Revilla, the director of the Environmental Complex of the municipal Sadeco. Company sources have confirmed that this death has occurred due to covid19 and have expressed their condolences to the family of Juan Revilla for a very painful loss for the entire staff. The president of Sadeco, David Dorado, sent his condolences to the family members, as did the previous president of the entity, Pedro García, who reported this loss at a press conference. 

According to company sources, Juan Revilla was infected a few weeks ago with coronavirus and has died a few hours ago from this disease.

Juan Revilla studied agricultural and rural engineering and environmental management at the University of Córdoba. For years he was director of the operations department of Sadeco and currently he was director of the Córdoba Environmental Complex, as well as the vice president of the National Association of Public Environmental Companies (Anepma),

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