Belinda Is In Mourning, Her Grandmother Dies At 88

A few days ago it was reported that Belinda’s family was going through a difficult time, as her grandmother, Juana Moreno, was ill and her health was reported to be delicate. Now, it turned out that the lady passed away at 88 years of age.

The news was confirmed by the singer’s public relations, who confirmed to Whom that Juana Moreno died this morning in Spain.

On February 7, it was reported that Belinda’s grandmother was hospitalized in an emergency and her health was reported as serious, according to what was reported by the singer’s mother through her stories on Instagram.

Just a few days after this news was released, Belinda’s family and the singer herself are going through one of the most difficult moments of their life, since this February 10, the death of her grandmother, Doña Juana Moreno, has been confirmed.

According to the magazine Who, Doña Juana lost her life at the age of 88 after being hospitalized in Madrid, Spain after having suffered a fall that caused a fracture in her vertebra, from which she could no longer recover.

Belinda Grandmother Dies

She couldn’t say goodbye to her grandmother

In short, it transpired that Belinda did not want to travel to Spain when she learned of her grandmother’s injury due to the commitment she had within the reality show “La Voz … México”.

As you will remember, Beli always expressed her great love and how much Doña Juana meant to her through the videos she recorded with her on social networks, where she also boasted of the beautiful relationship they had.

In addition, it was announced that the funerals will be held in honor of Mrs. Juana, this Thursday, February 11, and Friday, February 12, at which time the singer will give the last goodbye to one of the most important pillars of her life.

“In the midst of so much pain that we are living in the world, my mother is in very delicate health. I ask for a prayer of healing for her, ”Schüll wrote in her stories. “The most important woman in my life. My guide and my soulmate. […] Don’t ever let me go, I can’t imagine life without you … We are going to win this battle, ”She wrote on her Instagram stories.

Then, she shared an image in which she appears holding her mother’s hands, specifying that she would strive to get ahead in this terrible circumstance.

“Don’t ever let me go, I can’t imagine life without you … We are going to win this battle,” she added. While minutes later she pointed out: “You, the most important woman in my life, my guide, and friend of my soul.”

Belinda Grandmother Died

So far, Belinda has not commented on the matter on her social networks, in March 2020 she said she was concerned about the situation her grandmother was experiencing in Spain, as she had been hospitalized due to a severe fall, in addition to suffering from pulmonary emphysema and others diseases that put their health at risk.

“I had a talk with my mother; she was very scared. Every day the situation in Spain is worse, there are thousands of deaths. My grandmother is 87 years old, she has pulmonary emphysema among other diseases, obviously because of her age and because she has smoked all her life. The truth is that I had never been so worried, ”Belinda said then.

Through her official Instagram account, Belinda published an emotional message to confirm the death of her grandmother, Doña Juana Moreno: “I feel the greatest pain, the woman of my life has just passed away, my inspiration, my reason for being, my everything. Granny, I love you, I love you madly. You will always be in my heart and my mind ”.

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