The singer-songwriter, famous in the 70s, has been found in his apartment in Barcelona

The Swiss singer Patrick Juvet has died at the age of 70 in his flat in Barcelona . The singer-songwriter, who became famous in the 1970s for his hit album “Où sont les femmes?”, Resided in Paris, but occasionally traveled to Barcelona or Switzerland. The death has been confirmed to the AFP agent by his agent Yann Ydoux. The causes of death have not yet been clarified and it is expected that an autopsy will be carried out in the next few days.

Juvet shone thanks to great hits like “Où sont les femmes?” and “Paris by Night”, from his 1977 album. The work was the result of the collaboration between Juvet (composer and performer) and Jean-Michel Jarre (lyricist). He also participated in the 1973 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest as a representative of Switzerland with the title ‘Je suis marier, Marie’, which he composed himself. His performance was classified as the twelfth of the edition

According to statements by his agent, ” Juvet’s career has had ups and downs , good moments, others less, a bit like Renaud,” summed up Yann Ydoux, who met the singer 22 years ago.

The last appearances on stage Juvet back to the “Tender Age and Wood Head” tour in the 2000s, a kind of “all-star” of popular stars. Dave, Sheila, Michèle Torr or even Stone and Charden were also on the bill at this time. “Patrick still had a lot of plans, including a new album as a songwriter,” added his agent.

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