Minor Dies After An Accident In Xcaret Park

Last Wednesday, March 28, , a 13-year-old boy, died in a hospital in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo , after being sucked into a water filtering system in the Xenses park , belonging to the Xcaret group.

According to cardiologist Miguel Luna-Calvo , father of the minor, the accident occurred because the water filtering system had no cover.

In statements to the media, Leonardo’s father explained that the water filtering system sucked his son’s leg, so the minor stayed under the water without being able to get out, so he helped him and then transferred him to a private clinic in where he died. 

Luna-Calvo , as a cardiologist, offered to treat her son at the hospital, but they wouldn’t let him. They also did not let him transfer him to Mexico City or pay the hospital bill, which he described as an attempt to silence him for what happened.

After Leonardo’s death , Luna-Calvo points out that he spent more than six hours in the state prosecutor’s office, as they did not want to give him the body of his son, so after being pressured he had to sign a pardon in favor of Xenses park to “no see his wife suffer more ”.

The family, originally from Durango, was on vacation in the park “as a gift to my children for their bravery” after having suffered Covid-19 , explained Luna-Calvo , who also said that he has not received the coronavirus vaccine .

The father of the minor assures that “there are irregularities in the investigation”, so he decided to make what happened public, in order to have justice in the case of his son.

The park’s response

In a statement, the Xenses park of the Xcaret group regretted the death of the minor as a result of the accident at its facilities.

“We join in the grief that this family is currently experiencing. As we have done since the beginning, we are attentive to their needs and in communication to provide the support that we can provide ”, the statement details.

“In the more than 30 years that the group has operated parks, such an event has never occurred. It is important to highlight that from the moment of the accident the area was insured and specific measures have been taken, such as the permanent presence of a lifeguard, ”added Xenses Park .

“We are conducting the relevant investigations with the aim of reaching the last consequences,” said Parque Xenses .

What happened was “an unfortunate human error” by the maintenance team, said Elizabeth Lugo, executive director of park operations and tours of the Xcaret group , in a television interview.

They integrate investigation folder for wrongful death 

The State Attorney General’s Office ( FGE ) of Quintana Roo reported this Thursday morning that it integrated an investigation folder for wrongful death for the death of the minor.

Leonardo entered the hospital “with the antecedent of having lost his life due to submersion, which is why the social representation started the investigation folder for the crime of wrongful death, ” the prosecution details.

 According to the statement, at 7:25 p.m. on March 28, the body of the minor was transferred to the forensic medical service of the FGE to perform a necropsy and determine the causes of death, but it has not been possible because the father “He requested the dispensation of the same and granted the legal pardon.”

 “The investigation folder is still in process, so all pertinent and conducive investigation acts are being carried out to determine the probable participation of the person or persons who by commission or omission are related to the criminal event,” he said. the prosecution.

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