The father of the minor denounced that Quintana Roo authorities pressured him to sign a document in which he granted the pardon to the park, in exchange for giving him the body of his son

A 13-year-old minor died in a private hospital in Playa del Carmen, in the state of Quintana Roo, after he was admitted to it for injuries that were caused after he was sucked into a filtration system of an artificial river in the Xenses tourist park of Grupo Xcaret.

The tragedy occurred last weekend, but the news was known until this Wednesday.

The youngest was originally from Durango and came with his family to vacation at the luxurious tourist destination. Miguel Luna, the adolescent’s father, stated that he tried to help his son but the force of the suction was of such magnitude that one of the minor’s legs was severely injured.

The family, made up of the father, identified as Dr. Miguel Ángel Luna Calvo, his wife, and four children entered the “Río Salado” attraction to jump down the slides. When traveling on the left lane, they realized that the duct that sucks the water for circulation had no cover, so Leo and his father were sucked out.

 child died in Xenses Park
March 27th, The events occurred on March 27, when “Leo”, as he was known in his family, left
child died in Xenses Park
Luna Calvo managed to leave quickly to help her son by giving him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but the Xenses staff did not come near, so nothing could be done in the first minutes, so the minor died apparently from drowning.

Luna Calvo managed to leave quickly to help her son and seek help, but the Xenses staff did not approach, so nothing could be done in the first minutes.

Although they managed to get the boy out of the river and he was taken to a private clinic for medical attention, unfortunately, Leonardo passed away hours later.

Leonardo’s father has accused the authorities of negligence and irregularities in the investigation. In addition, he denounced that they did not want to hand over his son’s body if he did not sign a pardon.

He assured that the hospital staff did not treat his son and prevented him from doing so, since he is a doctor. They also did not allow him to be transferred to Mexico City.

(Photo: Facebook / Cathedral Basilica Menor)

José Rosas Aispuro Torres, governor of Durango, wrote a post on his Facebook profile, which was accompanied by an obituary of Leo’s death, where he regretted what happened to the Luna Guerrero family.

“I join in the grief that Dr. Miguel Luna, his wife Hilda Guerrero, and their entire family are grieved at the sensitive death of their beloved son, Leonardo Luna Guerrero. I send my sincere condolences, hoping you find strength and comfort in the face of this irreparable loss. Rest in Peace, ”he posted on Twitter.

From the moment the accident happened, the official pages of Xenses Park and Grupo Xcaret ignored the fact and limited themselves to continuing to promote the attractions for the holidays.

Minor Dies In Xcaret Park
(Photo: Facebook / Cathedral Basilica Menor)

The park reported in a statement published on March 31 in the afternoon that “from the moment of the accident the plane was insured and measures have been taken, in addition that investigations are being carried out and will reach the last consequences. “We are conducting the relevant investigations with the aim of reaching the ultimate consequences. We reiterate our sincere condolences to the family, ”he said.

“In the more than 30 years that the Group has been operating parks, such an event has never occurred. It is important to note that from the moment of the accident, the area was secured and specific measures have been taken, such as the permanent presence of a lifeguard, ”the information reads.

Minor Dies In Xcaret Park
(Photo: Facebook / Cathedral Basilica Menor)

Finally, the Xenses park highlighted that it is conducting the pertinent investigations to reach the last consequences. In this way, they reiterated their support for the family and expressed their condolences.

This Thursday, in an interview with Milenio, Elizabeth Lugo, executive director of park and tours operations, declared that the tragedy was derived from a human error in not placing a cover on the duct through which the minor was sucked.

However, he denied that the father was forced to sign a pardon. He stated that they are collaborating with the authorities to carry out the relevant investigation.

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