Singer Berenice Azambuja Dies At 69

The singer, songwriter, and accordionist Berenice Azambuja died this Thursday (3) at the age of 69. One of the most outstanding names in gaucho music, the artist was hospitalized at Hospital São Vicente de Paulo, in Passo Fundo, in the north of the state, where he suffered a cardiac arrest, at around 10 pm.

Berenice, who, on April 5 this year, was discharged from the Hospital de Tapejara, recovered from covid-19, was struggling with pancreatic cancer. 

The singer’s official social networks lamented: “Our queen has rested. Go in peace, Berenice Azambuja!”

The wake starts at 4 am this Friday (4) at the Cemetery of Vila Lângaro, a municipality located about 40 kilometers from Passo Fundo. The funeral is scheduled for 17:00.

Born in Porto Alegre, Berenice da Conceição Azambuja was the daughter of a musician father and a circus artist mother. As a child, in the 60s, he performed in the auditorium program Clube do Guri, on Rádio Farroupilha, accompanying Elis Regina on the accordion (an instrument he learned to play with his aunt).

Among 17 albums recorded throughout her career, 1980 one, entitled Romance de Terra e Pampa, featured what became the singer’s greatest success: “É Disto Que o Velho Gosto”, in partnership with Gildo Campos.

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