Chiquis Rivera Requests An Audit Of Her Mother’s Business Earnings, And Rosie Responds

The Rivera family is once again in the eye of the hurricane. A magazine published this week that Chiquis Rivera has asked that her family be investigated about the earnings generated by her deceased mother after her death. 

According to TVyNovelas, the eldest daughter of the Diva de la Banda would have requested that an internal audit be made to Jenni Rivera Enterprises as well as to the people in charge of managing the singer’s assets, among which is her aunt Rosie Rivera, who already She came out to answer about this new Rivera clan scandal.

Rosie Rivera assured in a long message that she published on her YouTube channel that she has nothing to hide because “she who fears nothing, owes nothing” and said that the audit is good for the family because the accounts will be clear. 

She even acknowledged that it is not the first time an audit has been carried out since she is the executor of the assets left by her sister Jenni Rivera.

Chiquis Rivera requested an audit of her mother’s earnings.

The singer would have requested an audit from her own family on the millionaire earnings that her deceased mother continues to generate. According to TVyNovelas magazine, the eldest daughter of the Diva de la Banda wants detailed reports on the Jenni Rivera Enterprises company.

Rosie Rivera has already responded to the controversy.

“An audit is common, an audit is normal, an audit means that the beneficiaries want to know how their money is being managed because the money is theirs, it always was and always will be. That is so common (… ) which is not even the first. A few years ago someone asked I want to know what is happening, “she explained in this long message.

Chiquis Rivera’s aunt has nothing to hide.

“I am not afraid of being accountable (…) I am not hiding from anything, the one who should not, is not afraid … even this audit can support me, support everyone in that everything is clear,” said the aunt of Chiquis Rivera in the same message in which she also spoke of her role as executor of her sister Jenni Rivera.

Rosie Rivera is the executor of her older sister’s assets and CEO of the company that manages her fortune. A couple of weeks ago she announced her intention to retire, but days later she said that she will remain in both positions until her nephew Johnny López reaches the age of majority.

Jenni Rivera left a fortune of 25 million dollars.

At the time of her death, Jenni Rivera’s fortune amounted to 25 million dollars and since then she has continued to generate millionaire profits through the sale of records, her fashion brand, cosmetics, and her autobiography. According to calculations by Forbes magazine, the income would exceed 7 million dollars.

Chiquis Rivera was left out of Jenni Rivera’s will.

A few months Before her death in 2012, Jenni Rivera decided to remove Chiquis Rivera from her will, amid the scandal over the alleged romance that her daughter was having with her husband Esteban Loiza and it was at that time when she appointed her sister Rosie Rivera as executor.

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