Lupillo Rivera And Giselle Soto: Between The Rumors Of Wedding, Pregnancy And The Disappearance Of Belinda’s Tattoo

A photograph could prove that the young woman is expecting a baby

After they made their relationship public in mid-December of last year, Lupillo Rivera and his girlfriend, Giselle Soto, could be engaged and expecting a baby. As seen in a series of photographs that the girlfriend published on social networks and that raised more than one suspect.

From her official Instagram account, the 26-year-old girl posed in a photograph where she can be seen with a lump in her stomach, a detail that caused all kinds of speculation among Lupillo’s followers about a possible pregnancy. In the snapshot, Giselle appears hugged by her sister, Jessica Soto, who is wearing what appears to be a graduation gown.

In addition to this image, taken up by the social networks of the live show program Gossip, another photograph unleashed the rumors, but now of a possible commitment. And it is that the influencer shared a photograph where she appears with a ring in hand.

In addition to this, the entertainment journalist Álex Kaffie reported that the singer made a promise to his partner to remove the tattoo he had with the face of the singer Belinda, with whom he had a romance from March 27, 2019, until August of that same year. In order to be able to marry Giselle and leave the past behind.

“Her father (Giselle), because she is from Jalisco although she is based in the United States, died on May 9, Lupillo accompanies her to the funeral and makes her promise that they are going to get married. He makes two promises: ‘I’m going to marry you here at your father’s grave, I promise you this before your deceased father,’ “the communicator reported in the Sale el Sol broadcast last Thursday.

However, according to Kaffie, Lupillo Rivera made a second promise to his girlfriend, which involved removing the tattoo that linked him to the singer. Promise that he made valid on May 11, when he underwent a procedure to cover the ink.

“And also, ‘what you have been insisting on, what you have been asking me so much, to erase Belinda’s tattoo.’ So I tell you, that happens. May 9 is coming, May 10 is coming, they weren’t for parties either because the father had just passed away, but on May 11 he went with another tattoo artist and he got the tattoo superimposed ”.

On the other hand, in the same television broadcast, Ana María Alvarado revealed a new detail of the engagement with Belinda. And, according to the journalist, the singer of Luz Sin Gravedad received all kinds of luxurious gifts while she was in a relationship with Lupillo. Especially original designer bags: “More than one expensive bag came (to the Voice),” she revealed.

Last Thursday, the tattoo artist Tanke Rules, located in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, shared a photograph with the singer in what is presumed to be his work studio. From his Instagram account, the ink artist shared a snapshot of both in which he wrote: “I was lucky enough to cover a tattoo for my partner Lupillo Rivera, guess what it was? ”, Next to a label to the profile of Belinda and Christian Nodal.

If what Álex Kaffie narrated during the television magazine is true, then Lupillo Rivera undoubtedly took the first step to marry the 26-year-old, Giselle Soto. With whom, up to now, he has been extremely caramelized and with whom he is said to be very in love.

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