The matador has died at the age of 75 in Barbate (Cadiz), his hometown, as a result of cancer

The bullfighter Jose Rivera ‘Riverita’, brother of the late Paquirri, has died at the age of 75 in Barbate (Cadiz), his hometown, as a result of cancer . The person in charge of transmitting the sad news has been his nephew Jose Antonio Canales Rivera, informed on his social networks. Months ago the entire Rivera dynasty gathered to pay tribute to the right-hander in Barbate.

In addition to Paquirri’s brother, ‘Riverita’, uncle of the bullfighters Francisco and Cayetano Rivera Ordonez, took the alternative in 1967 in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cadiz) from the hands of Miguel Mateo ‘Miguelín’ and Diego Puerta as a witness , although his presence in the arena was scarce until he retired in 1970.

He reappeared for a day in Vinaroz (Castellon) with his brother and Damaso Gonzalez in 1980 and five years later he participated in some sporadic celebrations and festivals after the death of his brother Francisco in Pozoblanco (Córdoba) in September 1984.

In the shadow of his brother

Always in the shadow of her brother, Riverita had, according to all who knew him, all the conditions to succeed in the bull and also a bohemian spirit that marked his career, in which he is reminded of both artistic tasks and raptures of inspiration as well as bullfight with two crutches.

The entire cast of the Rivera family (Francisco, Cayetano and Jose Antonio Canales) got together in April for the first time in a ring to pay homage to their uncle Jose Rivera “Riverita” in Zahara de los Atunes (Cadiz), his hometown of the highest standard of this dynasty, the ill-fated Paquirri.

Canales Rivera has posted on his Instagram account a photograph of his uncle wearing a top hat in which, among other epithets, he remembers him as ‘wise, magician, bullfighter, artist, generous, nice, kind’.

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