Jordi Rebellón Died: How Did The Actor Die?

The actor has died at the age of 64 after suffering a stroke this Tuesday, September 7

Half George Clooney, half Doctor Vilches. This is how Jordi Rebellón (Barcelona, ​​1964) was known and that is how he will be remembered. This Wednesday, the Catalan actor died at 64 after suffering a stroke last Tuesday.

“I was convinced you came out of this, buddy. Even yesterday when it no longer looked good, “says actress Lidia San José on her Twitter account. “You leave us a great void.” “You will always be in our hearts”, added Garay Talent, his representation agency

For 12 years, Rebellón walked through the corridors of the Central Hospital of Telecinco, a character he “remembers with great affection,” he assured in all interviews when asked by Rodolfo Vilches.

Before coming to the emergency room of the mythical Spanish series, Rebellón went through the studies of Family Doctor. Among his latest television projects are the series ‘Servir y Protecte’ and ‘Mercado Central’, both on TVE.

In addition, in 2015 he participated in the sixteenth season of ‘Cuéntame como pasa’ to give life to José Ignacio, the landlord of Inés and Toni. A life dedicated to the small screen and also to the theater.

However, it was not until the age of forty that he was able to fully dedicate himself to his passion. At the age of 37, Rebellón traveled the streets of his native Barcelona with a small Vespa to deliver urgent letters to different parts of the city.

Postman and part-time actor, because in the free gaps he had left he was looking for a role between casting and casting. Thus came his first great opportunity in front of the cameras: ‘Family doctor’ on Telecinco ‘.

Fourteen episodes in Emilio Aragón’s series, a real premonition, since Rebellón’s union with medicine began there, at least in fiction. The Barcelona actor played Ángel Valverde, a doctor with not a very good mood. Then came the promotion to Central Hospital and the birth of the mythical Doctor Vilches.

But before reaching television success, as a doctor, Jordi Rebellón also went through other public positions. His true debut on the Spanish screens took place alongside Espinete and company in the mid-90s.

A young Rebellón was the mayor of the most famous neighborhood on Spanish television: Barrio Sésamo. Then he left the mayor’s office to don Sergeant Oroño’s tricorn in TVE’s ‘Makinavaja’.

From 1995 to 2021, almost three decades, with comings and goings, in a ‘silly box’ and that has left its signature, practically, on all Spanish channels from TVE, where it debuted, to Telecinco, where it rose to the top, without forgetting AntCena 3, TV3 in Catalonia, or IB3 in the Balearic Islands.

The actor was a huge soccer fan. His favorite team was Athletic, influenced by his father, who was born in the Basque Country.

Vilches, his television alter ego

His television curriculum is full of renowned series: ‘Cuéntame cómo pasó, ‘Amar es para siempre’, ‘Serve and Protect’ or the aforementioned ‘Sesame Street’ or ‘Makinavaja’. The success came in full effect in 2000.

On April 30 of that year, Telecinco opened the doors of its Central Hospital that ended with 300 chapters, twelve years later. Of those three hundred, Jordi Rebellón interpreted 256. This is how Dr. Vilches arrived at the homes, an ironic doctor with a particular sense of humor. The precursor, perhaps, of another great doctor in fiction, House.

In the emergency room of the mythical hospital, he spent seven consecutive years and a return in 2009 to put an end to the character in the last season of the series, where the mythical doctor died at the doors of the emergency room where chapter by chapter he received patients.

Beyond the hospital, Rebellón’s career in television was successful. The break in the Telecinco series took him to TVE with ‘Fago’ where he gave life to Mateo Ibarra, the mayor of the small town in Huesca that gives its name to fiction, and who was assassinated in 2007.

After this character came ‘Cuéntame como pasa’, where he played José Ignacio, Inés Alcantara’s partner, between seasons 16 and 17, shortly after having concluded another successful series, ‘Sin identity’, on Antena 3.

In addition, he was one of the protagonists of the second season of ‘Amar es para siempre’, between 2013 and 2014, he was in ‘Servir y Protecte’ and, finally, in what is his last television credit, in the second season of ‘ Central Market’. Beyond acting, he had a sounded guest performance in ‘Tu cara me suena’, where he moved Lolita with his imitation of Antonio Flores.

In addition to television, Jordi Rebellón developed his career as an interpreter in the theater with works such as ‘Mentiras, incenso y mirra’ (2008), ‘Don Juan Tenorio’ (2010) or ‘Desclasificados’ (2013) and in the cinema with films such as ‘La cobraña’ (1990), ‘La fever del oro’ (1993), ‘GAL’ (2006) or ‘Enloquecidas’ (2008), among others.

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