Jorge Lis Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The one who was runner-up in Spain in motorcycling in 125 cc has died of COVID-19 after 45 days in the UCI. He had refused to get the vaccine.

Former motorcycle rider Jorge Lis died this Tuesday from coronavirus after more than 45 days in the ICU fighting COVID-19. The former Spanish motorcycling runner-up in the 125cc category in 1996 regretted having rejected the vaccine and his denial attitude shortly after entering the hospital.

After leaving the competition, Lis, who has left us at the age of 46, worked as a ‘coach’ and audiobook editor before returning to the circuits as a manager. In fact, he led Bernat Martínez’s career towards the North American championship, advised other young riders, and this year he was the manager of South African rider Steven Odendaal in the World Superbike Supersport competition.

Jorge Lis maintained a denialist position with the coronavirus pandemic, a position that his sister Elena made known in a column in the newspaper ‘Levante-EMV’ so that more people would not make the same mistake.

He apologized for his denialist ideas

The case of Jorge Lis became topical shortly after entering the Hospital La Fe in Valencia, his sister told of her regret for not having received the vaccine at the time and for having paid attention to theories that denied the existence of the virus. “He apologized to us for not having listened and a little for the denialist ideas he had had during all these months,” he explained. “I wish I had been vaccinated,” he wrote to his sister.

The former pilot also tried to convince his closest circle so that they did not receive the serum against the coronavirus. “I was afraid of the vaccine. He tried and asked us to please not to get vaccinated, ”said his sister.

He had no previous pathologies

According to the testimony of his sister, Jorge Lis had no previous pathologies, led a healthy lifestyle and practiced sports frequently. Shortly before learning that he had contracted COVID-19, he was “swimming laps and mountain biking,” according to his sister. However, after a month and a half fighting in the ICU, he has died from the damage that the disease had caused to his lungs.

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