Erik Cowie Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The body of the zookeeper made famous by Netflix has been found dead in a New York apartment.

Erik Cowie, until a few years ago a zookeeper, has been found dead in a New York apartment. At age 53, Cowie was hugely popular around the world thanks to her appearance in ‘Tiger King’, the Netflix documentary miniseries that became an international hit. As reported by the US portal TMZ, Cowie’s body was found by a friend who notified the authorities about the strange circumstances surrounding his death.

First of all, because Cowie lived in Oklahoma, a long way from where he was found. That is why a toxicological report has been requested to determine if drug use was the cause that led to his death. However, the police officers who appeared at the scene did not find any type of psychotropic substance in the room where Cowie’s body was found upside down.

Already in the past, the victim admitted to having suffered a series of addictions, although thanks to his work at the zoo, and thanks also to Joe Exotic, he managed to overcome them. However, many people who saw ‘Tiger King’ noticed his teeth and assured that he continued to consume, so he was quick to deny it outright and assured that it was simply due to his age. For many, that statement did not sound very convincing because he was only 53 years old.

“After the Justice Department took the animals away, he, unfortunately, couldn’t take it anymore. He absolutely loved all animals and would come early to see how each and every one of them was doing. He had his demons, but the animals helped him. bring joy and happiness to your life, “they expressed through a statement from Tiger King Park.

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