‘Drink’ as her grandchildren affectionately called her has died surrounded by her loved ones.

Isabel Preysler says goodbye to one of the pillars of her life. Her mother, Beatriz Arrastia y Reinares, died this Sunday at the age of 98, as the newspaper ‘Abc’ has advanced. ‘Drink’ as her grandchildren affectionately called her has died surrounded by her loved ones. Of Filipino origin, she lived in her daughter’s house in the exclusive urbanization of ‘Puerta del Hierro’, Madrid.

It was two years ago that Beatriz first appeared on a television set. Her grandchildren, Julio José Iglesias and Tamara Falcó surprised her and told her how important she was for them in the program ‘Ververte a ver’. “You are the best grandmother in the world, we love you a lot.” She was very excited: “My grandchildren are wonderful. You can’t imagine the love I have for them. That affection so important in life that comes from my soul ”, she affirmed. She also recognized that the most mischievous of all during her childhood had been Enrique. In addition, in that television debut, she also spoke about her daughter: “She is wonderful, she is worth her weight in gold.”

Isabel Preylser inherited her exotic look from her mother, as her daughter Tamara has highlighted more than once. “In the Philippines, the Arrastia sisters were considered very beautiful, ” she said when she participated in the program hosted by Carlos Sobera. She also recalled that she had learned from her to educate her children: «With us, she is very sweet but as a mother, she was much more strict. Our mother inherited that. ”

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