Christian Nodal Revealed What Would Be Behind The Speedy Gonzáles He Left On Instagram

During an interview a few months ago, the singer of “Botella tras botella” revealed what the appearance of Speedy Gonzales means in his social networks.

Since the afternoon of last Saturday, the Mexican regional singer Christian Nodal turned social networks upside down by deleting all his Instagram posts – less one – and unfollowing Belinda on the social network.

After both celebrities were seen extremely caramelized during the celebration of the birthday of the Spanish singer at the Disney amusement park, Nodal deleted all his publications, including those he has with the singer from Luz sin gravity.

In addition to this, both stopped following each other. That detail triggered the alarms among all Internet users, who speculate about the current status of the couple and if this disappearance of social networks would imply a break or a momentary separation.

At the moment, the only publication on Nodal’s profile is the image of the Speedy Gonzales cartoon, a post that could indicate that in reality it is all an advertising strategy, according to the singer of Botella tras botella, revealed in an interview.

A few months ago, during an interview with CQ magazine in which he spoke about his Instagram profile, Nodal said that the character was in some way a mirror of himself , especially because of how quickly his career had advanced, and that his presence in social networks it indicates the arrival of new material.

“ The thing that Speedy Gonzales is one of my favorite characters and I feel like it’s me. It is supposed to be the fastest mouse in the whole world, or in Mexico. He identifies me a lot because of how my career has been: super fast, ”explained Nodal, who has stood out in Mexican regional music since adolescence and currently enjoys one of the most solid careers in the genre.

“ Whenever I upload this photo it is because something very bastard is coming (…). Whenever I put it on, it is to represent that I am coming from Speedy González, that something machín is going to come out , “he said at the time, clarifying that it is not the first time that he uses this strategy.

Belinda is pregnant
Christian Nodal and Belinda return to the public eye after starring in their first magazine cover together, in which they were named ‘A couple of the year’ and in which they also shared details of how their love story began.

At the moment, some followers of Nodal have commented on the singer’s only post, which dates from September 2017. While some wish that the rumors of an alleged breakup were false, others reacted with annoyance towards the interpreter due to the commotion caused in the last hours.

“We are all going to look like this (clown) when they upload photos of their wedding or take a song, this is just a publicity stunt, as the rooster Claudio said: ‘Use logic, son'”, ” Everyone is worried about gossip and they do it. safer laugh and laugh, kiss and kiss ”, wrote some users in the comment box.

For her part, Belinda has not deleted the publications with who would be her fiancé and has not made any comment about her status or about her distancing on social networks.

In addition to this, the chamonic3 account, which is dedicated to publishing news about the world of entertainment, made a publication as an attempt to clarify the situation “Let’s remember that every so often he makes a sweeper and blockade hahahaha this happens when he will release new material and Well, this insurance is the case! ”, You can read in his profile.

Later, said account listed for Nodal fans what would be the new collaborations soon ” Remember that the duet with Belinda is coming, with Mocedades, Banda MS and more duets, so all good, do not stress.” wrote.

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