The famous couple unfollowed each other on Instagram!

Why did Christian Nodal erase all traces of Instagram and even Belinda? This is what we know.

To the surprise of everyone, after they revealed their next wedding and were very happy together, Christian Nodal deleted all the photos he had of Belinda on his Instagram account, in addition to the fact that both were unfollowed in said network Social. Faced with this sample, the fans were left worried and expectant about their relationship, since they were recently on vacation at Disney. The big question is why Nodal erased all traces of his Instagram and even his current girlfriend. This is what we know so far.

For some of the fans, this decision to delete everything on Instagram may be due to two possible scenarios: the first is that Belinda and Christian Nodal would definitely no longer be dating and with this, the wedding plans are canceled; The second option is that the singer could have erased all traces of his Instagram (even the photographs with the interpreter of “ Lo Siento ”) to announce a new musical release and thus attract more attention.

Until a few hours ago, the couple still shared Instagram stories where they showed how good they were having on their Disney trip. However, it took everyone by surprise when Christian Nodal erased all traces of his photos on Instagram, including those with Belinda and those of his recent engagement. The regional singer decided to keep only one image of an animated character.

At the moment, the only publication on Nodal’s profile is the image of the Speedy Gonzales cartoon, a post that could indicate that in reality it is all an advertising strategy, according to the singer of Botella tras botella, revealed in an interview. 

“ The thing that Speedy Gonzales is one of my favorite characters and I feel like it’s me. It is supposed to be the fastest mouse in the whole world, or in Mexico. He identifies me a lot because of how my career has been: super fast, ”explained Nodal, who has stood out in Mexican regional music since adolescence and currently enjoys one of the most solid careers in the genre.

“ Whenever I upload this photo it is because something very bastard is coming (…). Whenever I put it on, it is to represent that I am coming from Speedy González, that something machín is going to come out , “he said at the time, clarifying that it is not the first time that he uses this strategy.

For her part, Belinda has not yet deleted the photos she has with Christian Nodal but she did stop following him on Instagram, generating even more doubts about whether the couple continues with their relationship or this is the end of their love.

The reaction of their fans on the internet has not been long in coming and from memes of Lupillo Rivera sending the data of his tattoo artist to Nodal to sad messages about his possible breakup have flooded social networks, neither Belinda nor Nodal have made comments about it, for what will have to wait for its confirmation or denial.

The love story between Christian Nodal and Belinda

On August 5, 2020, Christian Nodal and Belinda publicly confirmed their relationship through the singer’s Instagram, who posted a video where they both looked very affectionate aboard a ship. Just 9 months later, in May of this year, the couple announced their engagement on social media, and from there, preparations for the wedding began.

So far, Christian Nodal and Belinda have not commented on their relationship and the reason why the singer erased all traces of his girlfriend on Instagram. It is expected that in the next few hours they will clarify what happened.

Other fans thought that they assured that the singer hid all his images because it is something that celebrities usually do when they are going to make a new musical release.

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