EXATLON 5 USA: Martin Keuchkerian Says Goodbye What Happened?

As the weeks go by in the fifth season of Exatlon USA, each elimination and injury becomes more and more dramatic. Although injuries have taken a leading role in this installment of the competition, it has been the Uruguayan family situation, Martín Keuchkerian, part of Team Contendientes, which set the tone for the sad day on the circuit today, March 11, 2021.

Before starting the passes on the street circuit, an especially complex one with several athletes from both teams injured, including Mack Roesch for the Famous and Denisse Novoa for the Contestants, two of the most important and productive athletes of the season, they transmitted images of the production informing Martin Keuchkerian that his mother was in her last days in the hospital and that he should leave immediately. All his teammates threw themselves into hugging him and supporting him at such a difficult moment.

The emotions on the night of March 11 were kept on the surface, and it was precise all the boys from Team Contendientes, who dedicated each one of the passes to Martin and his mother, who today rests in peace. For this reason, all the blue warriors put a ribbon on their arms, to send the best vibes to their partner who is absent from the competition today.

It is important to note that Keuchkerian’s mother was battling for years with an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer, but unfortunately, she passed away weeks ago, so Martín decided not to return to the competition and a replacement is expected to take his place in the Exatlon United States.

His main fan

In the first week of the competition, Martin Keuchkerian revealed to two of his teammates all about his family situation and pancreatic cancer his mother suffered from. But she said that she was a fan of Exatlon and he had decided to participate in the competition to bring her a little joy, in fact, he would have been made aware of his selection days before his mother was told that cancer had worsened.

During Martin’s conversation with his colleagues, he told them that getting on the plane for the Dominican Republic filled him with fears about whether he might not see his mother again. Today, he faces very difficult mourning with his family that will take him away from the sands of Exatlon United States.

The departure of Martin Keuchkerian leaves a significant void in the team. The Uruguayan had settled down very well, little by little he was finding his place within the arenas, making points safely and advancing, but this situation forced him to rethink his participation and today he is no longer part of Telemundo’s star competition.

It is not the first time it happens

In the second season of Exatlon United States, Team Famosos footballer Norma Palafox, who coincidentally is also competing in season five, experienced something very similar when her mother passed away unexpectedly, a very hard moment for Norma, who did not She hid her pain crying inconsolably along with all her companions. At that time the production gave special permission and all the support to the girl, who left the competition for several weeks to be with her family in such a difficult moment and eventually return, giving everything and for little becoming the winner of the competition.

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