The story of love and heartbreak between Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez seems never-ending. And this time when the rumor is circulating that the singer would be giving himself a new opportunity by letting another woman enter the heart, the followers of the couple are attentive to the latest events.

Several media such as the television program Suelta la Sopa assure that the former member of the Banda el Limón would be living an affair with a beautiful girl, who they even affirm, bears a certain resemblance to the daughter of the deceased Jenni Rivera.

And trying to find out what Chiquis Rivera thinks that her ex may be dating another woman, reporters questioned the singer upon her arrival at the Los Angeles airport, and although she initially tried to ignore the issue, she later released a phrase that she needed of nothing else.


“What do you think of Lorenzo’s new conquest that they are saying looks a lot like you?” Was the direct question that a reporter sent to which the artist left the site after a few seconds of silence and said: “Chiquis there is only one ”.

Minutes before the singer had also been questioned about whether she was still talking to Lorenzo and although they reminded her that the young man sent her flowers and even an arrangement in the form of tacos for last Valentine’s Day, Chiquis Rivera did not release any pledge about it and showed that prefers not to talk about her ex.

“We are already in 2021”, was the answer that Chiquis gave to the attempts of the press to know in what status are her feelings towards her ex-husband.

Lorenzo Méndez was also approached by the press when he left a concert, and when asked about the rumors that he is already dating another woman, he denied them and said that the young woman with whom he is related is only a friend from many years ago. years, whom he knew from high school.

“No, she’s my friend since high school. Every time I go out and if I am with a girl, it does not mean that I am with her. My heart is not ready to walk with another woman right now ”, commented Lorenzo, who warned that when a woman comes into his life, he will make it public, just as if things are arranged with Chiquis Rivera.

“As soon as I am ready I will let you know if I have or do not have a girlfriend, or if I continue with my marriage, or if not, or when I am ready,” said the singer, who, when asked whether or not he still loves Chiquis Rivera, did not He hesitated and said, “Sure, she’s my wife, she’s my wife.”

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez separated last year in the middle of the pandemic, and although they later announced their reconciliation, last September the singer announced her final separation from her husband, and filed for divorce.

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