The communicator could not overcome the critical condition that took him to the Jamaica hospital in Queens after suffering a heart attack

The television presenter and radio host Ramón Aníbal died this Tuesday, confirmed his widow, Ana Aminta Cubías, in addition to his friend Elías Barrera Corporán. He was 76 years old.

“With a heavy heart, but accepting the will of Almighty God in the face of the irreparable loss and physical absence of my beloved husband Ramón Aníbal Ramos, I appreciate all your prayers and expressions of affection and friendship during the recent days of his illness. Strengthened in the faith that his departure is a temporary separation until the day we praise God in heaven together, I beg you to join us in prayer for the eternal rest of his soul. Amen ”, Ana Aminta published on her social networks.

Ramos, a native of San Pedro de Macorís, could not overcome the critical condition that took him to the Jamaica Hospital in Queens on Monday night, after suffering a massive heart attack after having dinner at his residence in New York.

Elías Barrera Corporán highlighted the trajectory and solidarity “of one of the best men in communication who was always willing to serve the” Dominican community in New York and in his country.

“Since I was little I tuned in to listen to songs in English; when I saw him at parties cheering I was always his fan, then God gave me the opportunity to share these last years with him in New York,” Barrera Corporán told Listín Diario.

Ramón Aníbal Ramos Died
Ramón Aníbal Ramos / photo

Ramón Aníbal had extensive experience in the media and was active in the television program “El Show de Ramón Aníbal Ramos”.

The communicator presented in his program a variety of topics on community problems, interviews, reports from the Dominican Republic and other countries to which he traveled, which positioned him among the most followed media figures of the Dominican diaspora in the United States.

In recent times, he has also coordinated press conferences with Dominican journalists from the SOMOS medical group and the National Association of Hispanic Supermarkets (NSA), as well as public relations work for other companies and entities.

From its beginnings

Its beginnings date back to 1958, on the radio station “La Voz del Trópico”. His officialization as an announcer took place in 1963 when he passed the corresponding exams and was issued with card # 583.

He also worked at Radio Radio, Onda Musical, Radio Reloj, Radio Unión, RPQ, Radio Tricolor, Radio Cristal and HIJB in Santo Domingo. In 1973 the popular program “Entre Carrera y Carrera” went to work on Radio Clarín.

The revolt of April 1965 made Ramón Aníbal return to his native, San Pedro de Macorís, where, until 1969, he made history on local radio working on HI1J later called Radio Oriente and on La Voz del Caribe.

Since 1970 Ramón Aníbal was recognized throughout the country as the most deeply-rooted and popular musical announcer, grabbing most of the awards that were awarded by various artistic and cultural institutions at that time.

Ramón Aníbal made his way into television with Freddy Beras Goico and Yaqui Núñez del Risco, through the program “La Alegría del País”, produced in Color Vision in 1975. From 1976 to 1977 he animated the television program “Fiebre del Sábado ”, By Adriano Rodríguez and from 1977 to 1980 he was producer and host of the daily radio program“ Capricornio ”, which was broadcast on HIN station.

Arrival in New York

Ramón Aníbal obtained his entry passport to New York through the program “Fiesta” on Tele Antillas, of which he was an entertainer and which was broadcast on Channel 47 in the North American city.

His arrival in New York was recorded at the end of 1982. When the WSKQ or Super KQ radio station was inaugurated in 1983, he worked in it, and for FM98, as a newscaster, until 1990.

After leaving the radio station, he began to produce “El Show de Ramón Aníbal”, a variety program, focused on the dissemination of positive news and the promotion of community activities.

“El Show de Ramón Aníbal” has been broadcast on Saturdays since 1992 at 11:00 pm on channel 79 in Upper Manhattan, on Sundays at 8:00 am on Dominican Television for several states of the American Union, the Caribbean islands.

Ramón Aníbal was born in Ingenio Angelina, San Pedro de Macorís, in the eastern region of the Dominican Republic, on January 19, 1945.

His university preparation in advertising and marketing was the product of his studies at the Universidad Panamericana, in 1980.

+ Family. Ramón Aníbal was the father of five children: Daphne, Ramón Aníbal Jr., Roberto, EPD Japhet, and Carlos Gilberto. Since February 1989, he shared his life in marriage and his professional activities with Mrs. Ana Aminta Cubías.

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