Chiquis Reveals That Someone “Very Close” To Rosie Stole $ 80,000 From Jenni Rivera’s Company

Rosie Rivera Stole $ 80,000

Jenni Rivera’s daughter spoke out and assured that they were stealing from the companies that her mother left when she died. Chiquis Rivera used her networks to, through a live link, denounce the mismanagement that occurred in the companies that belonged to her mother Jenni Rivera, which were under the responsibility of her aunt Rosie … Read more

Chiquis Rivera Requests An Audit Of Her Mother’s Business Earnings, And Rosie Responds

Chiquis Rivera Audit

The Rivera family is once again in the eye of the hurricane. A magazine published this week that Chiquis Rivera has asked that her family be investigated about the earnings generated by her deceased mother after her death.  According to TVyNovelas, the eldest daughter of the Diva de la Banda would have requested that an internal audit be made to Jenni Rivera Enterprises as well as … Read more

Rosie Rivera Broke The Silence On The Alleged Internal Investigation Of Chiquis For Inheritance

Rosie Rivera

The sister of the “Diva de la banda” said confirmed the audit and said she wants to leave the company in the best possible state Rosie Rivera, sister, and executor of Jenni Rivera confirmed that an audit is being carried out to Jenni Rivera Enterprises (JRE), which allegedly would have been requested by her niece Chiquis Rivera after her … Read more

Who is Emilio Sánchez: New Love Of Chiquis Rivera

who is Emilio Sánchez

They have not officially confirmed it but they have been caught together on several occasions and everything points to romance. We are talking about Chiquis Rivera, who since months ago definitively ended her love story with Lorenzo Méndez, feels free to hang out with whoever she wants. Now it seems like she’s been dating Emilio Sánchez, a professional photographer … Read more

Does Chiquis Rivera Plan To Reconcile With Lorenzo Méndez?

Chiquis Rivera Reconcile

The singer spoke like never before with Larry Hernández, from “Confesiones Neta”, about her love affair and what she still feels for her ex-husband. In a revealing and exclusive conversation with Larry Hernández on the Instagram platform, Chiquis Rivera addressed the issue of a possible love reconciliation with Lorenzo Méndez. The singing couple has been separated … Read more

Chiquis Rivera Reacted To Rumors That Lorenzo Méndez Has Another

Chiquis Rivera Single

The story of love and heartbreak between Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez seems never-ending. And this time when the rumor is circulating that the singer would be giving himself a new opportunity by letting another woman enter the heart, the followers of the couple are attentive to the latest events. Several media such as the … Read more

Is Chiquis Rivera Single Or Has A Romantic Partner?

Chiquis Rivera Single

In a revealing exclusive interview with Jomari Goyso for “Sal y Pimienta”, Chiquis Rivera clarified her sentimental situation after having separated from singer-songwriter Lorenzo Méndez, with whom she was married for just over a year. “I am practicing self-love, I think that is very important before continuing or looking for love in another person,” said the … Read more

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth [2022] Biography, Love Story, & More

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth in 2022 This article will enlighten you with all the details about Chiquis Rivera’s birthday, family, education, love life, and Chiquis Rivera net worth. So, keep scrolling! Chiquis Rivera’s net worth: Chiquis Rivera is an American singer and songwriter. As of 2022, Chiquis Rivera Net Worth is $5 million. Full Name: … Read more

Chiquis Rivera Launches A New Makeup Collection: Where To Buy “Amor a Mi”?

Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera announced the launch of her new makeup collection “Amor a Mí” from her beauty company “Be Flawless Skin”. The products will be available from midnight on Friday, January 29 on the official website. Chiquis’s new makeup collection consists of lipstick in vibrant red color, false eyelashes, and a palette of eyeshadows in neutral colors. Anyone … Read more