Actor And Comedian Albert Rodriguez Dies

At the moment, the causes of the death of the actor from “El remix” are unknown.

Comedian and actor Albert Rodríguez died today, confirmed this afternoon Migdaliz Ortiz, a relationist for Wapa TV , the channel for which he worked. He was 58 years old.

Ortiz indicated that, at the moment, the causes of the death of the comedian who worked for the program “El remix” are unknown , but according to what happened, his body was found in his residence and he had been feeling ill for some days.

“Family, we here have just found out about the death of Albert Rodríguez. We do not have details about it, it has just been communicated to us by the Public Relations Department. We are extremely surprised at this loss. Our embrace and strength to all the comrades of ‘El remix’, of Wapa and of the productions that he is part of, ”said host Jaime Mayol during the “ Viva La Tarde ”program on Wapa TV.

For her part, Tita Guerrero highlighted her great sense of humor. “A huge trajectory in Puerto Rican television and theater. He was an excellent director, ”Guerrero added.

“It is part of our team, of our image. So rest in peace, Albert Rodríguez. As we learn, we will let you know. The next show is ‘I know everything‘ . Our solidarity hug to the whole family ”, added Mayol.

Although many knew him for his work on the small screen, Rodríguez had an extensive career in the theater.

In 1995, the Theater Critics Circle distinguished him as Best Contrafigura Actor for his work in the productions “La boila” and “Feliz cumpleaños, señor senador.” Two years later, the same body awarded him a new award for Best Actor Secondary.

He was part of the cast of “El remix”, produced by Sunshine Logroño, and where he performed for the last time last week.

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