Albert Rodríguez Died: Everything You Need To Know

Authorities reported today, Monday, the death of Puerto Rican actor and comedian Albert Rodríguez , 58, in the Río Hondo II urbanization in Bayamón.

 At noon on Monday, March 15, co-workers of Puerto Rican actor Alberto ‘Albert’ Rodríguez confirmed his sudden death for what was initially reported to be “natural causes.”

The call made around 12:16 pm, alerted that the actor, who was part of the program “The remix”, had health problems.

The family of Wapa Televisión, Producciones Sanco and Miranda LS are in mourning over the sudden death of their colleague Albert Rodríguez. Although the details of his death are unknown, the news was known afternoon today.

Sunshine Logroño, producer and friend of the comedian, expressed: “Albert and I have worked together for more than 25 years. This was totally unexpected and painful news. When I received it, I was just writing a sketch of hers. Albert was not only a good actor but a good director and talent identifier. I will miss him very much, we will miss him every day ”.

For her part, producer Gilda Santini added: “Unfortunately, we lose a talented person and one of the most experienced along with us. Albert was always an excellent partner, punctual, responsible, cooperative, and with a unique sense of humor. He is one of the most positive people I have ever met. He was always willing and available to solve any problem or situation with correct answers. We will always miss him ”.

Albert Rodriguez died
Albert Rodríguez /Photo

The 58-year-old actor, director, and art teacher was part of the cast of El Remix. Precisely, his last appearance on the program was on March 10.

Rodríguez was born on November 7, 1962, and his university studies were carried out at the Theater Department of the University of Puerto Rico.

His work on stage has taken him from drama to comedy, through children’s theater.

Rodríguez was in the cast of works such as “Module 104”, “Ultima noche de monarquía”, “The anniversary of Pepe and Luis”, “La carreta”, “Mi amiga la gorda”, “Hoy se casa mi amante”, among others, according to his biography in the National Foundation for Popular Culture.

He also acted in productions such as “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp”, “Lady Windermere’s Fan”, “Aladdin II: Malefor Strikes Back” and “Filumena Marturano”.

In 1995, the Theater Critics Circle distinguished him as Best Contrafigura Actor for his work in the productions “La boila” and “Feliz cumpleaños, señor senador.” Two years later, the same body awarded him a new award for Best Supporting Actor.

This was one of his appearances last Wednesday in El Remix

On the small screen, Albert Rodríguez worked in countless comedy productions such as “No hay casa pa’ tanta gente” (where he also produced), “Qué vacilón”, “La tripleta del vacilón”, “El Chorrito Resort & Spa”, “He vuelto a vivilll”, “Atácate”, “El kiosko”, “El condominio” and “Club Sunshine”.

He participated in the film “Una noche en Hollywood”, “Oso Blanco” and “Complot”. He has also participated in theater production and stage direction. In this last line, in 2003 he directed the pieces “Así son las mujeres”, “Final audition” and “Coquí does not speak English”. The latter appeared on stage at the University HS Auditorium in Orlando as well as at the Tampa Theater in the same city.

Another of his appearances on Wednesday in El Remix

Later Albert acted successfully in the comedy “They Up, They Down.” But one of his most important successes came with the interpretation of the character of “Amos Hart” in the staging of “Chicago the musical.” The unanimous applause of the specialized critics for the play was also added to those awarded to Rodríguez for his performance. The play, produced by the Arteskene company, was performed entirely in Spanish and replayed in April 2004 at the Tapia Theater in Old San Juan.

His colleagues from El Remix will pay tribute to him in the next program that will be broadcast on Wednesday, March 17 at 10pm, on Wapa Televisión.

Details of his funeral will be released later.

Rest in peace, Albert!

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