Daniella Álvarez Returns To Colombian Television

Former Colombian and Cartagena, Daniella Álvarez, a warrior of life, return to Colombian television to work in the entertainment strip of the local channel, Caracol, with her extreme 2021 program “Desafío The Box”.

This woman worthy representative of courage and bravery will once again be one of the presenters of this reality show together with the Colombian model, Andrea Serna, after having suffered the amputation of one of her legs due to a complication of her health after surgery.

All the “tragedy” of Miss Colombia 2011, happened during the quarantine that brought the coronavirus pandemic. On her Instagram account, the presenter and model dared to talk about the hardest weeks she had to go through in her life.

“It all started last May when I had to go into the operating room to have a small mass located in front of my ribs removed. This operation was the first of the five surgeries they had to do. The doctors saw that the mass compromised the aorta artery, the most important blood vessel in the body: “It turns out that when the doctors came to remove this mass, they realized that it was absolutely attached to the aorta and in young people, the arteries do not work the same as in adults. At this time when they went to remove my pastry, my aorta (…) closed ”, explained the model.

She continued her account with optimism and admirable fortitude, explaining that, due to the rapid course of the disease, she ended up with the partial amputation of her left leg. The model, passionate about sports and dancing, made the tough decision to undergo this operation after her foot was rendered useless by vascular ischemia, as a result of complications from another surgery.

After great strength and hopes to recover her normal life, the queen of Colombians decided to start with an intensive therapy program, announcing on her social networks that what she loved most she would achieve again: “I will dance and live with more desire”

After receiving a prosthesis, the bionic leg queen shows herself again in all the prime of her life, it is seen how the functionality of this allows her to do all kinds of activities and sports. The beautiful blonde can be seen running, swimming, dancing, riding a bicycle, and above all returning with all her splendor to modeling and television, a life teaching that surprises many, and that shows more beauty in it.

“I finally have my prosthesis! What a beautiful moment to be able to share it with you. It has been a very hard process, but with love, faith, and will, anything is possible. Thank you, Daddy God, thank you for my genium X3 ”, the model wrote in the caption of the publication, which already has more than 300 thousand likes on her Instagram account.

Desafio The Box

In such a way, with all that physical preparation that Daniela has had, the Caracol channel did not hesitate to count on the presenter again to show that she is superhuman, an example to follow, and that this time she will show everyone that there are no limits in life and that your skills to function in the program will be equal to or better than they did in the Challenge of the year 2019.

“I decide to be a strong, capable woman with all the will to move forward. Soon the @desafiocaracol begins. A challenge in which no matter how tough the trials, true warriors fall to get back up, stronger and stronger ”. Daniela said in an Instagram post.

The program that will air this Monday, March 15 at 8:00 p.m. Colombian time, this time because of the pandemic, was not recorded on beaches in other countries, but rather, with a view to reactivating the country’s economy, it decided to do the “Desafío, The Box” competition, in a municipality of Cundinamarca two and a half hours from Bogotá.

Tobia is the place where a specially designed space was built to house the participants and carry out the different tests, without leaving aside the biosafety protocols.

“Nobody leaves and nobody enters this nation. For this reason, Desafío The Box has a space called COVID Free, where medical examinations are constantly carried out, there is attention from the medical team 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and constant tests are taken to detect the presence of positive cases for the virus ”, revealed the press department of Caracol Televisión, in the last hours, according to Infobae.

Speaking to the Country, the queen said that for her it has been a challenge in each of the spaces of the competition field, that some have dirt, others mud or stones. Throughout this process, when she received her prosthesis in October last year, she began to walk on flat surfaces, as the only way to learn, so all this became part of her physiotherapy, trying to walk other fields.

She added to the aforementioned media, that it was not an easy three months, between getting into a box, going back to the dressing room, going up a mountain, even if he had to make several stops, but she does everything as part of that beautiful job and her personal process, in order to continue with your dreams.

She says it was a wonderful calling. That a month after being at home, thinking about her recovery, but also about what will come for her in her career to continue fulfilling her dreams, Caracol called her to tell her that they wanted her in the new season of Desafío. Which was certainly a call that prompted her to work harder for her recovery.

“People can’t imagine the effort they have to make to record with me. I want them to see what I have on my feet, ”Alvarez commented while pointing to a stone. “As we are on unevenness, we are on a low slope, so for my foot to stay straight and balance it is necessary to put these stones”. Daniela said, according to Nueva Mujer.

Finally, the former Miss Colombia has made it clear that the intention of participating in this program and of her return to national television, has the purpose of showing the audience and the general public her message of inclusion, showing how the people who have some kind of disability they can continue to meet their goals without seeing their dreams and aspirations truncated.

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