[VIDEO] Two Cousins Twitter Video & Photos Viral On Social Media

This is the growing memorial for 12-year-old Kade Lewin who was shot and killed yesterday while eating dinner in a parked car with his two cousins

Cousins ​​aged 12 and 14 die after shooting during a broadcast on Instagram Live in the US

The authorities consider the event murder and suicide, although relatives believe it was a tragic accident due to the use of a weapon.

A family in St. Louis, Missouri, is baffled after two children, both cousins, were killed after being shot by one of the minors while on an Instagram Live broadcast, the Department of Justice reported. the Metropolitan Police of the American city.

Agents identified the children involved as Paris Harvey, 12, and her cousin Kuaron Harvey, 14, both from the same city, NBC News reveals.

Authorities reported that they received a call for a shooting at 02:00 local time on Friday finding the two children dead, where both  the “victim and suspect were located inside a residence with puncture wounds.”

According to the first inquiries, the event was a murder and suicide, although the relatives consider that it should be considered a tragic accident.

Shinise Harvey, the mother of the 12-year-old girl, maintained that she left her daughter to be at a family party, where the other 14-year-old minor was, who according to the woman is her brother’s son.

In her account, the woman claims that both boys were playing with a gun while on Instagram Live, in which ” (Paris) dropped the gun, and it fell, and it went off, as far as I know .” And then “When he picked it up, he grabbed it by the barrel and shot himself. That’s all I know… It wasn’t suicide. It was just a freak accident,” the mother told KSDK.

The US media maintains that so far both the relatives and the authorities do not know who it is and how the weapon got to the two children.

The authorities, specifically the San Luis Metropolitan Police Department, paid tribute to both minors on their Twitter account, revealing their condolences for the case.



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