New Hamas Attack On Israel: One Dead And At Least Three Wounded

The terrorist group launches an incessant barrage of missiles against the central region of the country. A shell hit a bus in a Tel Aviv suburb, setting it on fire, while another hit a residential building, killing a woman

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) warned on Tuesday of a new rocket attack from Gaza against Tel Aviv and other cities in the central region of Israel. Almost simultaneously, the Hamas terror group claimed that it launched 130 rockets at the main economic center of the Jewish nation.

The IDF issued successive alerts within a few minutes, indicating the sound of sirens in different areas of the city and its suburbs. Hamas representatives, meanwhile, said the attack was a response to an Israeli bombardment that destroyed a 12-story building where several of its high commands have offices.

Local media reported that one of the projectiles hit a bus in Holón, a city in the Tel Aviv district, injuring three people, including a five-year-old girl. “Hamas’s intentions are clear: to kill Israeli civilians. We will not tolerate what is happening, ”the IDF said in a post on its social networks, in which they published the photo of the burning vehicle.

Minutes later, local media confirmed the death of a woman in the city of Rishon Leziyon, another Tel Aviv suburb, after a missile hit a residential building.

Alarms are also sounding in central Israel. Specifically, in the cities of Ramat HaSharon, Raananna and Herzliya.

The building, located near the coast, was completely destroyed, journalists from the AFP agency found on the ground. No deaths or injuries have yet been announced as a result of the attack, but Israel said shortly before that another such action killed the head of Hamas’ anti-tank missile unit, Iyad Fathi Faik Sharir.

The Israeli Army claimed that targeted attacks against Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists left 15 dead and that a third of the militias’ shots missed and fell on the same strip, “causing casualties.” The second of these groups confirmed the deaths of two of its leaders during the operations, while the Gaza authorities reported 28 dead.

In November 2019, Israel killed Baha Abu al Ata, the group’s commander for the northern Gaza Strip and responsible for several attacks against Israel. His death sparked a wave of violence that resulted in heavy rocket fire into Israeli territory and bombardments against the Strip.

On Monday night, the Israeli bombings were targeting Baha Abu al-Ata’s brother, Mohammed, who was reportedly “wounded,” according to the Islamic Jihad.

Earlier, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel is going to “step up” its attacks on Hamas.

“Since yesterday (Monday) the army carried out hundreds of attacks against Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza (…) and we are going to further intensify the force of our attacks,” said the head of government, in a message from video, adding that Hamas “was going to be hit in a way that is not expected.”

The prime minister made these statements after the death of two Israelis, killed in the city of Ashkelon (a city in the south of the country) by rockets fired from Gaza. Dozens of people were injured as a result of the attacks on the city.

Egyptian officials said they were trying to negotiate a ceasefire, but the new cycle of violence was gathering steam. Even before the deaths of the two Israeli women, the Israeli army said it was sending troop reinforcements to the border with the Gaza Strip and the defense minister ordered the mobilization of 5,000 reserve soldiers.

Israel’s military spokesman, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, told reporters that his forces were reinforcing defensive positions on the border to prevent possible infiltrations, in addition to increasing their offensive capabilities, mainly in the air. He said the goal was to send a “clear message” to Hamas.

Israel and Hamas have fought three wars and numerous skirmishes since the militia group took control of Gaza in 2007. Recent rounds of fighting generally end after a few days, often aided by behind-the-scenes mediation by Qatar, Egypt and other governments. .

An Egyptian official confirmed that the country was trying to negotiate a truce. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Israeli actions in Jerusalem had complicated those efforts. A Palestinian security official, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed the ceasefire efforts.

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