The Mega Millions lottery prize for the night of August 4, 2020, has decreased to a value of $ 20 million. Today’s winning numbers are:

If you are interested in watching the Mega Millions draw live online, you just have to visit this link and click on the window where it says “Watch The Drawing Live” and click the Play button. The video starts automatically and the stream will air in about 10-20 seconds after the draw. But, be aware that sometimes the stream “stutters”. If that happens, come back to this page and we will have the numbers as soon as they are announced at 11 pm.

How to play Mega Millions:

The price is $ 2 per play. Mega Millions is played in 44 states in addition to Washington DC and the US Virgin Islands. In most states, sales stop an hour before the draw. When you buy your Mega Millions ticket you will have to choose six numbers from two groups of numbers – five different numbers from 1 to 70 and one number from 1 to 25. Also, there is the option of “Easy Pick”, where the computer chooses random numbers for you. You win the jackpot by matching all six winning numbers in a draw.

There is also the Megaplier, which is offered in most states. The Megaplier increases the prizes (minus the grand prize) to 2, 3, 4, or 5 times. It costs an additional $ 1 per game. To find out if your state participates, visit the lottery website for the state in which you play. You can find a list of all lotteries in the country by clicking on this link.

Number field
Players will choose 5 numbers between 1 and 70.
Mega Number
Players will choose 1 number between 1 and 25.

Overall odds of winning any prize range from 1 in 24.
Jackpot odds are 1 in 303 million.

Table of White Balls and Yellow Balls with the chances of winning:

megamillions-cambios-tabla (1)

How late can you wait to buy tickets?

Many will not want to miss out on a bulky bank account. It is important to know that many states will close Mega Millions of ticket sales 15 minutes before the draw, but in others, they will stop sales an hour earlier. We recommend contacting your local dealer for the exact cutoff time in your state.

How do you know if someone won the jackpot?

It usually takes approximately two hours from the time of the draw to process all tickets and find out if anyone won. The official draw time is 11:00 pm Eastern (10 pm Central).

It is customary for the lottery that once it is known whether someone won or not, Mega Millions updates its website to restart the jackpot by $ 40 million or to increase the estimated jackpot for the next draw if no one won. However, sometimes it takes much longer to get a response than a couple of hours after the draw. For example, with the grand prize in October 2018, which was roughly $ 1.60 billion, we didn’t really know if anyone won until the next morning. But that was very unusual.

Because Mega Millions changed the jackpot rules in October 2017, we can expect a greater chance of jackpots getting bigger and breaking more records over time. The largest jackpots in history were: 1) $ 1.60 billion on October 23, 2018, 2) $ 656 million in March 2012; 3.) $ 648 million in December 2013; 4) $ 536 million in July 2016; 5.) $ 522 million in July 2018, and 6.) $ 521 million in March 2018.

The odds of winning Mega Millions are 1 in 302.6 million, which are actually less than the odds of winning the Powerball, which is 1 in 292.2 million.

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