American Ninja Warrior champion Drew Drechsel is accused by the victim of having sex while she was 15 and he 26

Drew Drechsel, the most recent champion of the American Ninja Warrior reality show, was arrested on Tuesday for having sex with a teenager between 2015 and 2017.

According to the TMZ website, he was arrested at his home in Saint Cloud, Florida, and will be taken to New Jersey – where the crime happened – for trial. The judge in the case asked for his arrest because he feared he might run away and because he was considered a “risk to the community”.

In the United States, the age of consent law is different in each state. In New Jersey, she is established at age 16, and having sex with personnel younger than that age as an adult is considered vulnerable rape.

According to documents obtained by the publication, the alleged victim reportedly filed a complaint in June 2019, revealing that he started having sex with Drew in 2015 when She was 15 and he 26. According to her, they met in 2014 in an event and started exchanging text messages.

In the documents, she states that he invited her to visit his gym as a 15-year-old gift and there they would have had their first sexual intercourse after Drew’s then-girlfriend left the place.

The victim also claimed to have told the meeting the next day to his mother, who confronted Drew about the matter. He did not deny that they had sex, but he allegedly said he did not know about the girl’s age.

In the documents, the alleged victim also said that She continued to meet Drew for the next two years and that they had sexual intercourse several times. In addition, he constantly asked to make video calls with her naked.

According to TMZ, police reportedly found child pornography on Drew’s cell phone, as well as messages from the alleged victim asking him to delete the messages between the two.

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