Master shaper Joe Quigg Died

Joe Quigg, one of the most important shapers of the mid-century and co-creator of guns, dies.

Joe Quigg started shaping very young. At the age of 13, his first wooden board was made, innovating with concepts such as the nose or the tail rocker. These concepts he renewed and added in his future designs.

Following his military service, Quigg shared his shapping knowledge with other Malibu surfers and shapers. Quigg, along with Bob Simmons and Mat Kilvin, developed the “Malibu Chip”, a board for the long waves of Malibu. These shorter and more streamlined boards revolutionized surfing at the time, giving way to previously unseen maneuvers like the cutback.

The Californian shaper experimented with different techniques and especially with fibred fixed fins and pintail boards. These boards were already more focused on big waves which he later focused on.

Joe Quigg was a highly respected shapper and created modern longboards and guns.

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