Mabel, known as “Pride and Passion”, was diagnosed with the disease in 2019.

Actress Mabel Calzolari died at age 21, this Tuesday, 22. Mabel was fighting a rare spinal cord disease, thoracic arachnoiditis.

The information was confirmed by the girl’s parents through a post on her Instagram account made this Tuesday, 22. In the published text, one of the parents said that the girl’s “journey of struggle and suffering” against thoracic arachnoiditis had ended, said Mabel was an inspiration and thanked her daughter for the support she received.

Actress Monique Curi also confirmed Mabel’s death, stating that she was brain dead after suffering cardiac and respiratory arrest. 

The disease was diagnosed in 2019, after the birth of Nicolas, as a result of her relationship with actor João Fernandes. Today, the child is 1 year and 11 months old. 

The actor also manifested himself on social networks, praising the actress’s courage. “Today I lost my neighbor, my friend, inspiration, girlfriend, fiancée, ex, friend, partner, and mother of my child. And the world gets another chapter on the story of the most sinister woman I’ve ever seen. Thank you for fighting so much for us, for our family”, said João.


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