The famous couple adopted a cute pet

This morning, famous singer Belinda and her fiancé, Mexican regional superstar Christian Nodal introduced a new member of the family. It is about “Blu”, a puppy that joined a couple of singers and that they both very excited.

Through her Instagram account, Belinda shared a series of videos of the puppy and the moment he lived with the other canines that are under her guard: “Bluuuu! Welcome to the family ”, wrote the singer of Luz sin gravity on a clip of the small animal that has a dark fur with some white markings.

“The little brothers! Oh, what little things, “she wrote on the same platform about a video where the animals are shown living together and getting to know each other. For his part, Christian Nodal also presented the puppy from his social networks.

In social networks, the fans of the couple celebrated the arrival of this new member of the family: “How cute”, “Beautiful and his most beautiful parents, long live love”, “Congratulations” and “That’s to entertain while the real ones come ”, commented some followers of the account @nodeli_ amor, dedicated to the couple.

This would be an important step for Belinda because, at the beginning of this year, the singer suffered the death of Gizmo, a canine who was by her side for more than 13 years. The Chihuahua dog was in poor health since November last year, when he suffered an attack caused by a heart murmur, as revealed by the same singer.

“The greatest sadness, my partner, my Gizmo, my guardian angel left. 13 years together! I cannot express the pain I feel in my heart, in my chest. Never forget you. Thank you for everything you gave me. For taking away my loneliness, for giving me love without asking for anything in return, for being unconditionally by my side. I love you, my baby, ”Belinda wrote on Instagram to say goodbye to her pet in January.

At that time, the famous also shared a series of photos and videos of the canine’s life. From when he was a puppy until his last days, accompanied by a sad melody and some legends about the love that Belinda felt for Gizmo: “All my life in my heart”, I will miss you forever “and” You gave me all the love of the world and I will love you forever, my old man ”.

Likewise, this new member could be an indicator of the enormous commitment now shared by the couple who got engaged a few weeks ago and who, just during these days, we’re more united than ever. An example of this is the dynamics they share with their respective families, where they constantly appear happy and comfortable.

During the celebration within the framework of Father’s Day, Christian celebrated with Ignacio Peregrín, father of the native of Spain, and the rest of his fiancee’s family. In social networks, both appeared hugging and sharing a great family moment.

For her part, Belinda apparently enjoys an excellent relationship with her mother-in-law, Cristy Nodal, who is constantly being nice to her and calls her “cute” and “precious.” As she shared in a video on her Instagram account, where Belinda took the stage at Palco, Tecate, just to greet Nodal fans and thank them for accompanying “the best singer in the world” in concert, a few days ago.

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